Thermitight vs. Ultherapy?

I'm 37 yro with pretty decent skin tone, but would like more definition around my jawline. Which procedure gives you better results? Do they stimulate collagen for on going results? How long do the results typically last? What are the negative affects? I have read some scary outcomes for both. Rippling in the skin, sagging, paralysis, indentations, distortion...loss/melting of fat??? Is that even possible??? Thank you.

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Ultherapy vs Thermitight

Both treatments work on the theory that energy placed in the deep dermis can cause neocollagenesis and collagen stimulation/formation. The goal is to heat the lower skin tissue to 60+ degrees Celsius for collagen formation . Ultherapy uses ultrasound , whereas Thermitight uses radio frequency.  In general, ultherapy may not provide as much tightening needed for someone in their mid 50s to 70s , which Thermitight can provide . Thermitight also provides heating to 100% of the treated tissue and tempeture can be increased higher than 60 degree C ( 70 degrees if desired, which will cause fat lipolysis which is beneficial if used in neck/submental area) whereas ultherapy " skips" small areas similar to the way Fraxel works, does not fully cover 100% of the treated tissue and remains at 60 degrees C . So to summarize : 

In general ( I stress generalizations)  : 

Ultherapy : younger age 40s to mid 50s , less collagen stimulation , mild to moderate results , results lasts 1-1.5 years , no downtime, minimal side effects though very rare  cases of fat atrophy reported. Treatment pain tolerance is a full spectrum that can be well tolerated in most individuals to painful for some individuals. Local anesthetic used by some physicians but not studied by the Ulthera company .

Thermitight : (any age)  but recommended when more tightening is needed ages 50s to 70s, more collagen stimulation as temps can be higher , results can be moderate to dramatic , few days  to 1 week swelling  with need for facial compression garment for 1-2 days , local anesthetic is virtually painless with minimal to zero post op discomfort ( no pain meds needed) , results can last 3+ years , fat melting in certain areas like neck if physician chooses to use energy for lipolysis. 

Of course patient expectations will also  better determine which method maybe best 

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ThermiTight and Ultherapy can create a tighter jaw line

When I evaluate my patient's during their consultation, I look at their skin quality, the amount of deep sundamage, looseness of skin, amount of jowl formation, the amount of fat in the cheeks and neck and whether they have overactive masseter (chewing) muscle thickness or a droopy salivary gland. Only then can I determine if an in-between procedure such as Thermi, would be suggested over Ultherapy.  Thermi can produce greater lifting than Ultherapy in a patient with more sagging or somewhat older but young healthy patients in their late 30s to 50s, and older, can obtain very good results with Ultherapy, and as Ultherapy is non invasive, it is wiser to choose this treatment if someone doesn't need ThermiTight yet.

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ThermiTight vs. Ultherapy

Although we have used Ultherapy in the past, we have recently switched to ThermiTight and have seen better, more consistent results at a better price point. Areas such as the neck are better targeted with the ThermiTight procedure. Radiofrequency energy stimulates collagen production beneath the skin, which reduces sagging and smooths texture. ThermiTight is the first aesthetic procedure to reverse the effects of aging by delivering precision controlled thermal energy beneath the skin. ThermiTight noticeably tightens skin and underlying tissues on the lower face and/or neck without surgery and offers results that are superior to other non-invasive procedures. Hope this information helps. Best wishes, Dr. Busso

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Thermitight versus Ultherapy

Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology to tighten the deeper layers of the skin while ThermiTight uses radiofrequency energy. In my practice I recommend ThermiTight as I think the results have been more consistent with little to no downtime or pain. It is well tolerated and results take several months to become apparent, though most will say they feel the skin is tighter after the first couple weeks. As with all procedures, results can vary. 

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Thank you for your question. In my practice, I recommend ThermiTight. ThermiTight is a great minimally invasive procedure to treat skin laxity in many areas of the body including the neck and jowles. Other benefits of ThermiTight include:
Minimal downtime
Improves skin’s appearance
Increases collagen production
Works quickly and can slow and reverse aging signs in just a few short weeks

I recommend consulting with a qualified physician for a full consultation.  

Bruce E. Katz, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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