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How Much Does Thermage Cost?

Hello! Could you tell me the cost of Thermage for full face? Also, does this procedure require any down time? And would there be places where you can... READ MORE

Does Thermage CPT Really Work?

A doctor suggested i have Thermage CPT to tighten-up sagging skin. Said Thermage CPT has much improved vs. old thermage.  Since i see thermage is... READ MORE

If Thermage is So Great, How Come People Say They Don't See Results?

My doctor recommended Thermage for the loose skin on my neck, jowls and eyelids, but I don't know anyone who has done it and I don't really think it... READ MORE

Does Thermage Work for Jawline Sagging and Jowls?

I am 44 am just starting to have sagging in the jawline. Is Thermage right for me? My skin is in good condition otherwise, but the little jowls that... READ MORE

Alternatives to Thermage for Loose Skin?

The skin around my jowls is loosening noticebly. I was researching Thermage. Are there better more cost-effective skin treatments for my problem? READ MORE

Does Thermage Work for Cellulite?

Does Thermage work for cellulite?  I know the older skin tightening Thermage device didn't exactly get rave reviews, so I don't want to get... READ MORE

How Long Do Thermage Results Last?

I am thinking about getting Thermage for my turkey neck and some facial skin tightening but I don't want to have to go back every year for more... READ MORE

Refirme Vs. Thermage?

I had Thermage about a year ago. Had good results. The procedure was painful!!! Also very costly. Is Refirme as costly, and how long do the results... READ MORE

Does Thermage Work on the Neck Area?

Has anyone had Thermage targeted to the neck and/or jowls? If so, how were the results? READ MORE

Is Thermage Safe?

Is Thermage safe? Is it a non-ionizing treatment, and if not, then isn't that harmful radiation? Also, is it safe to undergo Thermage every 6 months... READ MORE

Does Thermage Melt Fat?

Does Thermage melt fat?  I read somewhere that Thermage melts fat and can actually make your sagging skin worse as a result.  Is that... READ MORE

Anticipating Thermage Side Effects

I had the Thermage done and I had very little improvement after 2 days, I know I have to wait for 6 months. I had no swelling or any other problem; I... READ MORE

Does Thermage Cause Facial Fat Loss?

I've read that Thermage causes facial fat to dissolve after treatment, such that there are patients who blogged online that they regret having had... READ MORE

Thermage or Blepharoplasty for Sagging Under Eyes?

Will Thermage fix my under eye sagging skin, or will a lower Blepharoplasty work better? READ MORE

Thermage on Stomach - Will It Help?

I've had 2 kids (gained 50 pounds with both and lost the weight each time). I'm back to my weight, very thin, but have lost the elasticity in... READ MORE

Thermage or Fraxel Repair for Lines and Tightening Skin ?

I am considering either Thermage NXT or Fraxel Repair. I am wanting to get rid of lines under the eyes, tighten skin on face, neck and under eyes. I... READ MORE

How can you thicken skin under the eyes, especially tear trough area? I heard fraxel and Thermage are good. What about creams?

I have thin skin under my eyes and would like to thicken this, especially th tear trough area. I heard fraxel and Thermage is the best option. If... READ MORE

Can Thermage Body Shape Be Used for Non-surgical Butt Lift?

What's the difference between Body Thermage and Thermage Body Shape? And what's the best option for non-surgical butt lifts? READ MORE

How Effective is Thermage on the Neck Area?

Thinking about having Thermage mainly to help with loose skin in neck area, is it worth the price? READ MORE

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