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Hypopigmentation After 35% Tca Peel- Indian Skin. What Are My Options? (photo)

Hi iam an indian. I applied tca peel 35% to my face.....I got some accident wounds on my face at that time which were under healing process. my skin... READ MORE

What is the best way to recover from damaging 21% TCA Peel? (photo)

I am a 38 year old male of East Indian origin with Type IV skin. I applied a 21% TCA peel under my eyes 9 days ago to remove micro-wrinkles and dark... READ MORE

Will Hypopigmentation Recover After TCA Peel?

So after doing a TCA Peel, I've ended up with Hypopigmentation (White color skin) in a lot of my areas. I have Indian brown type of skin. It's been 2... READ MORE

What percent of TCA peel would be suitable for an Indian skin? (photos)

A month ago I had cortex laser done on face for hyper pigmentation & acne scars. It resulted in uneven skin texture, laser pin holes over my right... READ MORE

Could TCA Cross create hyperpigmentation on darker complexion?

I Am an Indian with a Dark Complexion..I Wanted to Try TCA CROSS for Acne there a High Risk of Hyperpigmentation? READ MORE

Did 30% TCA peel on neck 6 days ago and now after peeling, my complete neck is hyper pigmented. Any suggestions? (photo)

I am a 30 yrs old indian male with brown skin, After the 30% tca peel, my neck is even darker. Is this normal? does the skin will correct in a few... READ MORE

Is TCA 20% peel safe for Indian skin? (photos)

I am an Indian 22 yr female suffering from acne complexion is brown. I wanted to know is TCA 20% peeling safe for Indian skin. The doctor... READ MORE

15% TCA on sunspots 3 weeks ago. Is it possible that I have negated the effects of the TCA and now worsened my skin? (photos)

Light/olive skin East Indian Followed derma instrux alternate Retinol w 4% Hydroquinone nightly. waited one week after peeling to begin retinol... READ MORE

Would a light 15% TCA peel be safe given the fact I'm of a darker skin color? I'm thinking about going for a course of 4.(photo)

My dermatologist suggested a course of 15% peels (maybe we can change this to 18% after the first two). She's treated patients with indian skin types... READ MORE

Do burn marks immediately post 25% tca peel dissappear and how long does it take to disappear?

I used a 25% tca peel yesterday and in the process, reapplied it on areas where I had acne scars. Those spots then turned white and eventually turned... READ MORE

Can the burn marks of TCA peel with 35% fade away? (Photo)

Dr,did TCA peeling (35%) on my skin around 6 years ago. After My skin is left with bad burn marks which are clearly visible. I'm an Indian with... READ MORE

TCA Peel for East Indian Skin

Hi, I'm an East Indian of medium/dark olive skin. I'm thinking of doing a 12% TCA peel at home. How can I go about it? How soon can it be... READ MORE

Did I burn and ruin my skin with a 25% TCA Peel? (photos)

I just performed a 25% TCA peel about 3 days ago. I may have swiped my gauze pad over my skin a little too much. I started to frost and left it on for... READ MORE

East-Indian in 20's; The scars are pink-ish, circular, raised and on tip of my nose. What can I do to lower the raised scars?

Skin color: medium brown type 4 on the fitzpatrick scale. Scars are all PINK-ish RAISED CIRCULAR scars on my nose (which are there to this day). I... READ MORE

No peeling after TCA Peel but skin became darker where I applied low percentage solution

I had 15% tca peel a week ago. The area which frosted had peeled and somehow looking like normal skin tone but area which have not frosted became dark... READ MORE

Chemical peel done today.

I had a chemical peel done today. I am of medium skin tone Indian decent, can i use my Hydroquinone 6 % Retinoic Acid 0.25 % ,Hydrocortisone 1 % READ MORE

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