Could TCA Cross create hyperpigmentation on darker complexion?

I Am an Indian with a Dark Complexion..I Wanted to Try TCA CROSS for Acne there a High Risk of Hyperpigmentation?

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Dark Skin Prone to Post TCA Cross Hyperpigmentation

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TCA Cross and hyperpigmentation

We do not offer the "TCA Cross" treatment at use of 100% TCA is potentially dangerous, unpredictable, and more likely to cause permanent loss of pigmentation or more likely post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (dark spots) like you are experiencing and potentially other scarring. Patients with dark skin types are more likely to experience this side effect. These dark spots can often be prevented by pre and post treatment with hydroquinone or other whitening agents, lasers etc.

There are other methods in my hands that seem to work better including "diamond wire" undermining or direct mini-excision of acne pits under magnification to leave a flat scar.

Yes. Hyperpigmentation is the primary risk.

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Higher concentrations of TCA are notorious for causing post-inflammatory pigmentation in darker skin, but your dermatologist can both pre-treat your skin to reduce the risk and post-treat to reduce the severity. Using high level sun protection and retinoids as well as doing this procedure in the winter will reduce the risk.

Mary P. Lupo, MD
New Orleans Dermatologist
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