Frosting + TCA Peel

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What Causes Frosting in the Skin with a TCA? What Happens to the Skin?

What happens to the skin that is frosting? I want to know why it turns white. READ MORE

TCA 25% Peel With Uneven Frosting, How To Improve Results? (photo)

Did TCA 25% peel at home. Almost immediately chin and the skin between my eyebrows frosted (about 1 min or less) but nowhere else. I let it sit for a... READ MORE

Tca Peel. I Have a White Frost After I Have Rinsed is That Normal? It Still Burns? (photo)

I used 50% tca for a tattoo that i want to remove. there is a white frost over it after i have rinsed it is that normal ? and it still burns. i also... READ MORE

My Tca Didnt Frost Will It Work

I've done a tca below my eyes with a 25%, it didnt frost but i kept it on for about a minute ,it did burn but not too bad..its day 3 and my under... READ MORE

Confused About Frosting with at Home TCA Peel

I did my first TCA peel last night - 15%. I've been on Retin-A for three months prior to the peel. The first layer had no frosting after five... READ MORE

At Home, TCA Peel (25%), Once I Notice Frosting, How Long Can I Keep TCA on Face Before Rinsing?

I recently did a TCA peel at home at 25% potency. I noticed frosting all over at about the three minute mark and after doing 2 passes across my entire... READ MORE

Can TCA Cause Permanent Hyperpigmentation? (photo)

I have done a 20% tca peel and left it on for approximately 1min untill it frosted it stung for a while then turned very red then brown and started... READ MORE

Is this post inflammatory hyper pigmentation from TCA peel? (photos)

Hello. I did a 25% TCA chemical treatment on two melasma spots on face. I used a Q-tip and applied for 4-5 mins. Frosting did appear and stayed for... READ MORE

When doing TCA, if the scar you treated doesn't scab in two days, does that mean you did it wrong?

I did 100% tca cross method on a couple scars at home.they frosted,and then I put an antibiotic. But they still haven't gotten to scab yet. READ MORE

TCA Cross without crusts?

I saw that professinonal dermatologists on this board. So in my case, I had a 100% TCA treatment for my ice-pick scars two days ago. After the... READ MORE

Elidel after harsh TCA peel? What about topical NSAIDs?

Without getting into details because it's too upsetting, I had what should have been a light peel two days ago. The wrong bottle? Strength? Who knows,... READ MORE

How many days it takes to peel off hands and legs when doing a TCA 20% peel ?

I have done a tca 20% peel, 2 layers or somewhere 3 layers on my hands and legs. There's crustiness on my skin. It's been 17 days. Little bit peeling... READ MORE

Is white frosting on TCA peel too dangerous?

Today, I have done second TCA 15% peel in my home after a week passed of my first peel. This time, I left 5 minutes after my skin was white frosted.... READ MORE

How often can I use a 30% TCA peel on lower abdomen for stretch marks?

I used a 12.5% TCA peel followed by 30% three weeks later. Neither have frosted and/or peeled. I want to continue, however. How long should I wait in... READ MORE

Why did my 50% tca not have the frosting I was expecting and why is there still no peeling after two days? (photos)

I did a 50% tca on my stomach at home and left it for about 3-4 munites. I layered it about three to four times and only saw about two patches of... READ MORE

Is this normal after a chemical peel? (Photo)

I recently tried using TCA 35 on a short portion of my hand before applying it on my face. I let it stay there for a few minutes and I witnessed this... READ MORE

30% TCA peel to the neck left brown patches. Is this normal?

I had applied 30 % tca peel on neck d within 1min there was frosting and after neutralizing there are brown patches. Please help. READ MORE

Post op 25% TCA peel application, my skin got brown/blue. Is this normal?

I have applied a 25% tca chemical peel to face followed all instructions got frosting, washed off and have applied antibacterial cream. Skin got this... READ MORE

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