Frosting + TCA Peel

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What Causes Frosting in the Skin with a TCA? What Happens to the Skin?

What happens to the skin that is frosting? I want to know why it turns white. READ MORE

TCA 25% Peel With Uneven Frosting, How To Improve Results? (photo)

Did TCA 25% peel at home. Almost immediately chin and the skin between my eyebrows frosted (about 1 min or less) but nowhere else. I let it sit for a... READ MORE

Tca Peel. I Have a White Frost After I Have Rinsed is That Normal? It Still Burns? (photo)

I used 50% tca for a tattoo that i want to remove. there is a white frost over it after i have rinsed it is that normal ? and it still burns. i also... READ MORE

My Tca Didnt Frost Will It Work

I've done a tca below my eyes with a 25%, it didnt frost but i kept it on for about a minute ,it did burn but not too bad..its day 3 and my under... READ MORE

Confused About Frosting with at Home TCA Peel

I did my first TCA peel last night - 15%. I've been on Retin-A for three months prior to the peel. The first layer had no frosting after five... READ MORE

At Home, TCA Peel (25%), Once I Notice Frosting, How Long Can I Keep TCA on Face Before Rinsing?

I recently did a TCA peel at home at 25% potency. I noticed frosting all over at about the three minute mark and after doing 2 passes across my entire... READ MORE

Is this post inflammatory hyper pigmentation from TCA peel? (photos)

Hello. I did a 25% TCA chemical treatment on two melasma spots on face. I used a Q-tip and applied for 4-5 mins. Frosting did appear and stayed for... READ MORE

Can TCA Cause Permanent Hyperpigmentation? (photo)

I have done a 20% tca peel and left it on for approximately 1min untill it frosted it stung for a while then turned very red then brown and started... READ MORE

When doing TCA, if the scar you treated doesn't scab in two days, does that mean you did it wrong?

I did 100% tca cross method on a couple scars at home.they frosted,and then I put an antibiotic. But they still haven't gotten to scab yet. READ MORE

Did TCA ruin my skin? (photo)

I went to a dermatologist a 3 days ago and had a 100% TCA cross done on my ice pick scarring. A drop of it hit my face during the procedure but... READ MORE

TCA Cross without crusts?

I saw that professinonal dermatologists on this board. So in my case, I had a 100% TCA treatment for my ice-pick scars two days ago. After the... READ MORE

How many days it takes to peel off hands and legs when doing a TCA 20% peel ?

I have done a tca 20% peel, 2 layers or somewhere 3 layers on my hands and legs. There's crustiness on my skin. It's been 17 days. Little bit peeling... READ MORE

Is white frosting on TCA peel too dangerous?

Today, I have done second TCA 15% peel in my home after a week passed of my first peel. This time, I left 5 minutes after my skin was white frosted.... READ MORE

Is this normal after a chemical peel? (Photo)

I recently tried using TCA 35 on a short portion of my hand before applying it on my face. I let it stay there for a few minutes and I witnessed this... READ MORE

How often can I use a 30% TCA peel on lower abdomen for stretch marks?

I used a 12.5% TCA peel followed by 30% three weeks later. Neither have frosted and/or peeled. I want to continue, however. How long should I wait in... READ MORE

Why did my 50% tca not have the frosting I was expecting and why is there still no peeling after two days? (photos)

I did a 50% tca on my stomach at home and left it for about 3-4 munites. I layered it about three to four times and only saw about two patches of... READ MORE

30% TCA peel to the neck left brown patches. Is this normal?

I had applied 30 % tca peel on neck d within 1min there was frosting and after neutralizing there are brown patches. Please help. READ MORE

Post op 25% TCA peel application, my skin got brown/blue. Is this normal?

I have applied a 25% tca chemical peel to face followed all instructions got frosting, washed off and have applied antibacterial cream. Skin got this... READ MORE

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