Discoloration + TCA Peel

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Did 50% TCA Peel Cause Brown Discolorations on Abdomen?

I used 50% TCA peel on my abdomen a week ago. The skin initially frosted and burned quite a bit and started to flake off soon after. However the... READ MORE

How Do You Prepare for a 12.5% TCA Peel?

How do you prepare the skin so you do not have discolorations or scars after a TCA Peel? READ MORE

Need Help Following Accidental Applicational of TCA for Warts on Skin on Neck and Face

My wife has tried wartner gel pen for application to two warts one on neck and one on face but didn't know it was very powerful, some has spread... READ MORE

Can TCA Peel Help with Keloid Scars?

Can TCA peel help smooth my keloid scar out and remove the discoloration? I has a belly peircing and it got infected. It left a keloid scar with... READ MORE

My Friend Put TCA 30% on Side of my Face Yesterday Now Purpleish Should I Be Worried? (photo)

She left it on for about 2 to 3 min it was a complete white frost she put on neutrazer and cold water and it stayed frosted for a couple hours. We put... READ MORE

Has my TCA peel gone wrong? It's been about 7 days but I've been left with pink skin patches. Was this meant to happen? (Photo)

It's been about 7 days since I did my tca peel and it has all peeled off, however I have dark skin and I've been left with pink pal skin underneath... READ MORE

I made a HUGE mistake of doing a 50 percent TCA peel at home on my stretch marks. Is this discoloration a scar?

Hello, I made a HUGE mistake of doing a 50 percent TCA peel at home on my stretch marks on my stomach it peeled fine with no signs of infection but... READ MORE

I used 75% TCA to attempt to remove mole, is this discoloration going to bed or go away? (photo)

I put TCA on Q-tip and placed it on the mole, it spread into a larger circle (as you can see in picture) the area frosted and burned some, I left it... READ MORE

How to Remove Scars, Dark Spots and Discolored Legs? (photo)

I have extremely bad scars (the largest from and accident) and dark spots on my legs from mosquito bites and itching. So much so that my whole lower... READ MORE

Did I permanently discolor my face with a TCA peel? (photo)

I am a black female and my coworker and I did a tca peel on my face Its been two weeks today and it's very dark and splotchy Some spots are light I... READ MORE

TCA Peel, Black Woman; When will my color return and will it be even? (photo)

I'm an a 34 year-old african American female. (Kerry Washington completed)I administered the 30 tca peel on 6 days ago on my face and neck. 6 minutes.... READ MORE

Can Topical Anesthesia Cause Discoloration if Left on Too Long?

I had a tca cross session 3 days ago but aside from the scabs my skin where the anesthetic cream was applied is still red. I'm worried that this... READ MORE

TCA peel to get rid of dicolouration on lips? (Photo)

Ive had this darkenss on my lips sine i was a youbg child. Not sure what caused it. Ive went to a derm and they told me a bleaching cream prob wont... READ MORE

How to fix my skin from TCA peel gone wrong?

Today is Day 26 post 40% TCA peel, I'm afraid that my skin is damage and need help or advice on how I can correct this terrible mistake. I'm not sure... READ MORE

Do You think I'm likely to experience hypopigmentation after a 15%TCA Peel that was neutralized after 20 seconds? (photos)

I recently did a 15% TCA spot treatment on my face. I generally have really nice skin and just had this tiny darker, discolored area from where a baby... READ MORE

Left with Orange Peel Texture Aftewr Serieis of Professional TCA Peels !5% - Help!

Had series of TCA peels done - 4 with plastic surgeon. Peels were TCA and was told to prep skin with retin a and discontinue retin a three days before... READ MORE

Is this normal after a chemical peel? (Photo)

I recently tried using TCA 35 on a short portion of my hand before applying it on my face. I let it stay there for a few minutes and I witnessed this... READ MORE

Will 20% TCA burns scar or discolor lips? (photos)

Dermatologist splashed 20% tca accidently on lips during a facial peel 12/12/14. Now they are really burned and on inside of mouth. How should the... READ MORE

Tca Peel Left Me with Hidious Brown Marks!

Tca peel left me with hidious brown marks and discoloration. Will it peel? Our should I be worried? READ MORE

How to treat burn marks caused due to tca 30%?

Got burn marks by applying tca 30% on acne of molluscum contagiosum.my skin has turned dark, itis highly discoloured right now READ MORE

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