Dark Spots + TCA Peel

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Darkened Skin Permanent Normal After TCA Peel?

I just had a 30% TCA peel done 11 days ago. It frosted then dried up and peeled, and now my skin is dark. Could this be hyperpigmentation? If so will... READ MORE

How Long Until Spots Left from TCA Peel Fade?

After the peel it became black and peeled off, but now it has left spots under eye. How long will these last? I had it from professional kosmoderma a... READ MORE

Dark, Bruise-like Spots After TCA Peel Permanent?

I used 25% TCA peel last week, except a little bit on my forehead and nose. The rest of my skin peeled but now I am seeing dark spots (like bruises)... READ MORE

Severe Dark Spots After 35% TCA Peel

I am 44 years old Asian Indian with light brown skin. I used 35% TCA peel with q tip on my face for wrinkles. The frosted areas turned very dark brown... READ MORE

Is It Normal for my Skin to Turn Dark Brown and Hurt Right After 50% Tca Peel? Will It Scar?

I did a 50% tca peel on my arm for really dark and damaged spots which i know was stupid i realized it afterwords anyway i did it but could only bear... READ MORE

Is TCA Peel Safe on Skin with Eczema?

I want clearer skin remove dark spot. READ MORE

Treating Dark Spots on Legs from Mosquito Bits

I've had dark spots on my legs for almost more than 2 to 3 years now which was caused by mosquito bites. I would like to have them removed and my... READ MORE

Dark Spot After TCA Peel

I am Asian of Indian origin.I had a 35% TCA about 3 months back.Overall I did see a difference in my skin texture, it looks much smoother. But I have... READ MORE

How Long WIll Brown Spots Post TCA Peel Last?

I am 2 days post TCA 20% peel. I have dark brown spots in the test area which don't appear to be flaking yet. I do however have flaking/peeling on... READ MORE

What is the best way to recover from damaging 21% TCA Peel? (photo)

I am a 38 year old male of East Indian origin with Type IV skin. I applied a 21% TCA peel under my eyes 9 days ago to remove micro-wrinkles and dark... READ MORE

TCA Peel At-Home and Left With Dark Spots?

I recently did a chemical peel, read up on it and orded the product on line, TCA Peel 30%. I did it once and didn't do anything to my spots, so I... READ MORE

How to Remove Scars, Dark Spots and Discolored Legs? (photo)

I have extremely bad scars (the largest from and accident) and dark spots on my legs from mosquito bites and itching. So much so that my whole lower... READ MORE

TCA Cross, and Have Small Dark Spots Over My Face?

I just got a 99% TCA Cross treatment done. I have small dark spots all over my face. When will these go away? Are these permanent ? READ MORE

TCA Peel for Fair Skin?

Is it true that TCA peels are for darker skin? I read on a blog that it's risky to have this treatment if a person has fair skin. I have fair skin, a... READ MORE

I have Dark Patches/Rings around my Neck After a 30% TCA Peel? (photo)

I had minor dark spots on my face/ neck from Acne (Which i recently go rid of) and used the Peel to even my Tone out. My Skin-tone is normally... READ MORE

TCA Peel to Help Dark Spots on African-American Skin?

I understand a similar question has already been asked, but I too am African American, with a caramel complexion and large dark spots on both sides of... READ MORE

Dark Purple Colour Patch On My Back After TCA Peel?

I have had a 18% TCA peel and day 2 have noticed a dark purple colour patch on my back. What is this? Will the skin peel or will the colour patch... READ MORE

TCA 35% Peel on my Face 2 Weeks Ago. Developing Darker Spots/PIH. Doctor Gave Me Tenovate Ointment Steroid? (photo)

Now my question is the browning spot caused by PIH is having Center pinkish. Is it a good sign? My doctor told he is giving me heavy steroid to... READ MORE

Will this clear up? How long? Is is permanently damaged?

I used a TCA 35% peel is this normal no tightness no shedding only dark marks skin is smooth only been around 10hours. Have I damaged my skin I only... READ MORE

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