Brown Spots + TCA Peel

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Recommended Interval in Between TCA Peels?

I had developed brown spots as large as a dime all over my face due to sun exposure and hormones. The TCA Chemical peel has helped, but after 2... READ MORE

Severe Burns and Blisters After 50% TCA Peel

A family member did a 50% TCA Peel spot treatment on me (I have Indian skin), and after 7 weeks, and my face looks like the picture. My skin broke out... READ MORE

Treatment for Stubborn Sun Damage on Neck?

I had sun damage (brown spots) on my neck and forearms treated 2 years ago with IPL (4 treatments). My arms responded great, but my neck only... READ MORE

50 Percent TCA Peel for Legs?

Hi, I purchased a bottle of 100% TCA solution that needs to diluted. They suggested I use 50% because my legs have alot of small brown spots as a... READ MORE

TCA Peel After Jessner Peel Left Brown Spots

TCA 25% 2 weeks ago & skin cracked in 2 spots & now have brown spots on face. Doctor told me it will take 3-4 weeks to heal. This peel was... READ MORE

100%TCA Cross Leaves Brown Spots, How Long for These to Go Away? (photo)

Yea there was TCA Cross done, and crazy that all the scars have raised or some just are gone but it left brown spots, is this going to be gone in time... READ MORE

TCA Peel to Improve Brown Spots and Skin Texture?

Will a TCA Peel help brown spots/skin texture on forearms? If so, what approximate  strength, I am fair skin and always burn in the sun, not... READ MORE

50% TCA Peel - Will Brownish Red Scabs Heal?

I did a 50% TCA peel on my face for acne scars and on my leg/hip area for stretch marks. I did 2 layers on all parts. My leg/hips have brownish red... READ MORE

Liquid Nitrogen or 30 Percent TCA for Brown Freckle?

I have a brown spot on my right lower lid that I would like to remove. My dermatologist suggested either liquid nitrogen or 30% TCA. I put the... READ MORE

Correcting Brown Skin from TCA Peel?

I had a TCA Peel done 7 weeks ago, 50%. My skin peeled and now it is very dark brown where the liquid was applied. How do I get this to go away? The... READ MORE

Is this post inflammatory hyper pigmentation from TCA peel? (photos)

Hello. I did a 25% TCA chemical treatment on two melasma spots on face. I used a Q-tip and applied for 4-5 mins. Frosting did appear and stayed for... READ MORE

Is it Normal to be Covered in Brown Spots on the Face After TCA Peel?

I am a 63 year old fair skin redhead with no freckles and no prior brown spots. I had a medium TCA peel two days ago and my face is now covered with... READ MORE

TCA Peel for Mexican Skin?

Being a Mexican woman, would a TCA peel be recommend for my skin and what percentage should be used? I am 48 years old and my face has brown spot due... READ MORE

Had 30% TCA Peel and Woke Up With Brown. Normal?

I am Asian and had a 30% TCA peel done yesterday to lighten some dark areas and acne scars. I woke up this morning with dark brown patches in the... READ MORE

Can Small Brown Spots Caused by a TCA Peel Disappear?

3 weeks ago, I had a 23% tca on my whole face, and With a 45% tca peel the doctor also touched rapidly and precisely some of my ice peek scars. Where... READ MORE

Can a TCA Peel Get Rid of Sun Damage That Has Not Surfaced Yet?

I am getting a rhinoplasty in a few months and I want to do something to improve my skin as well. I am 26 and have a few light brown spots on my skin... READ MORE

Brown Smears

Hello, I just did a 25% tca peel, and I notice there hasn't been any peeling yet 3rd day in just reddish like a little sunburn and it did frost... READ MORE

Light Brown Spots During TCA Peel. Did I over Peel? (photo)

I did a 2 layer 12.5 and I'm on day 3 now. I have tiny light spots on the dark patch where I put the peel on. It isn't flaking, but is very tight and... READ MORE

Removing Brown Spots from a TCA Peel

I had a TCA Peel for my back for spots, but some parts burnt afterwards and left brownish marks after peeling. It's been a few weeks now, and I was... READ MORE

Did I Get A Permanent Burn with At-Home 15% TCA Peel?

I have done about 14 TCA peels on my face, 15% solution. I did a few spot treatments on some persistent acne marks. I daubed the TCA on with a Q-tip.... READ MORE

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