Recommended Interval in Between TCA Peels?

I had developed brown spots as large as a dime all over my face due to sun exposure and hormones. The TCA Chemical peel has helped, but after 2 months I am noticing new brown spots even though I wear an SPF 30 everyday and stay out o direct sun.

I would like to doing another TCA Chemical peel, but how soon can another peel be done? I now have darker brown areas around the cheeks and the outside skin area is very white in comparison to my cheeks. Is there any product that I can use to help even my skin out?

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It depends on the strength of the peel

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Light peels of 10-15% TCA can be done monthly. I usually do 25% TCA at 3 month intervals, and 35% TCA every 6-12 months. Besides SPF, add Triluma and an antioxidant under the SPF. Wearing hats will also help prevent new spots.

TCA peels vary in strength and therefore the frequency also depends on strength

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TCA peels come in a variety of strengths from 10% to 50% . The 10 % peel can be done as frequently as once a month and deeper peels such as 35% TCA as often as 6 months.

The stronger the peel the longer the healing time and the deeper the penetration of the acid. Usually in my office we do 15% TCA peels and our patients can opt to do these every three months or so.

Good Luck!

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