1 Week Post-op + TCA Peel

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Day 5 After Tca Peel? Is the Redness and White Patches Normal? (photo)

I had a tca peel done 5 days ago, i know i shouldnt have but ive been helping the skin along by peeling some parts that were peeling off, not peepling... READ MORE

Has my TCA peel gone wrong? It's been about 7 days but I've been left with pink skin patches. Was this meant to happen? (Photo)

It's been about 7 days since I did my tca peel and it has all peeled off, however I have dark skin and I've been left with pink pal skin underneath... READ MORE

How long does redness last after a medium-depth chemical peel? (Photo)

I got a 30% TCA peel that was layered twice. My cheeks and nose area swelled a little for a few days, then it went down. Today is the 8th day. I have... READ MORE

How long will it take for my skin to come back to normal color after 30% tca peel?

I got a chemical peel a week ago and now all the skin is peeled off and my skin is left very discolored. I have serious hypopigmentation and redness.... READ MORE

I had a TCA cross done at the doctors office about a week ago: Recovery question.

Had TCA cross done at the doctors office about a week ago, the scabs fell of two days ago and the holes look deeper and wider.She used a needle to... READ MORE

Did 30% TCA peel on neck 6 days ago and now after peeling, my complete neck is hyper pigmented. Any suggestions? (photo)

I am a 30 yrs old indian male with brown skin, After the 30% tca peel, my neck is even darker. Is this normal? does the skin will correct in a few... READ MORE

Have I Caused Permanent Damage After TCA Peel? (photo)

Hello I did a tca peel on Sunday and it is now day 6 which is Saturday. My skin was healing fine, but last night I have noticed grayish\ dark pink... READ MORE

I used a tca peel to remove white stretch marks on my hips. It's sore, red and itchy. How can I treat it?

I used the pre prep and neutralizer afterward.its been 7 days and very sore,red,and itchy.I have been using neosporin at least 5 times a day until it... READ MORE

why TCA peel had no results?

I had TCA peel exactly 1 week ago. The doctor applied 25 %, my skin frosted and after approx.2 min was neutralized. My skin peeled off completely... READ MORE

I had a TCA (25%) chemical peel done about a week ago, The skin peeled since. Is the darkness on my jawline normal? ((Photo)

Today when I looked in the mirror I noticed some darkness on my jawline area and on my neck where the chemical solution was also applied. I've been... READ MORE

How to Keep Prolonged Results from a TCA Peel? (photo)

I received a tca peel(medium depth) from my dermatologist five days ago-the results are great. I'm very diligent with applying my zinc oxide sunscreen... READ MORE

Is it normal to peel twice after a 35 percent TCA peel? (photo)

I had a TCA peel professionally done 6 days ago. the TCA peel was 35% and the doctor said he was aggressive. most of the swelling has went down, and... READ MORE

I bought a 50 percent TCA Peel online. I wanted to use the peel on my stomach area?

I diluted the peel with half quantity of rose water and used it on my stomach area. My skin is tight n flaky but not peeling at all. ( it's day 6... READ MORE

Is it safe to wax my face after a tca peel?

I had a 20% TCA peel on my face a week ago. I also have facial hair that I have removed by waxing. How long should I wait before I have my face waxed... READ MORE

What happens if you apply 20% TCA to the face incorrectly?

I erred in using 20% TCA for a medium peel. I applied it once, waited a minute, then rinsed it off and neutralized it. .... On Day 2 , I applied it... READ MORE

15% Tca Peel on Afro-caribbean 21 Year Old? (photo)

I did a 15% tca peel about 5 days ago on certain parts of my face where I had blemishes/hyperpigmentation. My skin is still peeling and the new skin... READ MORE

It's been 5 days already and I'm not peeling. Why? (Photo)

Its been 5 days already and im not peeling..I've used 25% TCA peel.one coat for four consecutive days.its wrinkly but not peeling.does it mean it... READ MORE

7 days post op TCA peel, my skin turned pink. Will the color come back?

Been 7 days since applied a 25% tca peel at home, skin has turned brown, dried up and peeling off at its own pace, i have noticed tho that my cheeks... READ MORE

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