Breasts + Tattoo Removal

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Is Laser Tattoo Removal over Breast Implants Safe?

My tattoo is on the top part of my breast, how deep does the laser go? Is this known? I hate my tattoo (which is black but covers a small rose). I... READ MORE

Removing a large tattoo?

I had a tattoo and didn't know much about laser removal and didn't want the tattoo any longer. I then decided to get a bigger tattoo covering it. I am... READ MORE

Will excision tattoo removal work for me?

I have a roughly 1x1 inch tattoo on my breast. I have been doing laser treatments for 2 years now and the color is about half gone. I am wondering if... READ MORE

Can I have Laser tattoo removal with breast implants?

Can tattoo removal using Q-switched Nd:YAG laser above the breast cause damage to breast implants? READ MORE

Can I continue to have laser tattoo removal treatments after I get breast implants?

I have a small tattoo on my left breast that is in the process of being removed. It is taking longer than the dermatologist expected and I have breast... READ MORE

I got laser tattoo removal 3 days ago and my breasts are bigger. Can this be a side effect from the laser?

I got laser tattoo removal 3 days ago. The tattoo is large and it is on my chest. Some of the tattoo is on both breasts (more on my right) and both my... READ MORE

Will purse string lift aid in removing old tattoo? (photos)

I have an old tattoo on breast that I would like gone when going through breast fat transfer. I have decided that after going through other Lazer... READ MORE

How long should I wait after breast augmentation surgery to schedule my next laser tattoo removal session?

My previous laser tattoo removal session was a month prior to my breast augmentation. How long should I wait after breast augmentation surgery to... READ MORE

How can I fade the flesh colored tattoo on my breast? NOT laser, thank you. (photo)

After a breast lift, I had faint white lines around the aureole. I had a permanent makeup artist tattoo flesh color to hide it. It was awful. It came... READ MORE

When should I start laser removal for my new tattoo? And about how many treatments would be needed? (Photo)

I recently (about two weeks ago) got a tattoo of my boyfriends name on my breast. The tattoo hasn't even finished peeling and I want it off. I am... READ MORE

Excision on tattoo over breast?

I have a 2.5x3 inch tattoo, round that I need removed. It is directly over my breast but higher..I cannot do laser and am wondering if serial excision... READ MORE

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