Strattice Videos

See the Procedure: Revision Breast Lift With a Seri Strattice Internal Bra (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Kevin Tehrani performs a revision breast lift using Seri Strattice as an internal bra to give this woman's cleavage a fuller, perkier shape. VIEW NOW

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Watch the Doctor Perform This Woman's Breast Implant Revision With Strattice (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Tom J. Pousti performs this woman's breast implant revision surgery with the use of strattice. VIEW NOW


Breast Implant Rippling — What Causes It and How to Conceal It

Breast implants can ripple, learn more from Dr. John J. Edney as to why they ripple, and how to address rippling. VIEW NOW

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Who is a Candidate for a Revision Breast Augmentation?

Dr.William P. Adams, Jr. explains reasons patients want a revision breast surgery and what can be done to get you to where you want to be. VIEW NOW

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Capsular Contracture Treatment: Watch the Doctor at Work (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Johnny Franco fixes capsular contracture in this woman's left breast. He removes the scar tissue and places a Strattice mesh sling and a Sientra textured breast implant to decrease the chances of capsular contracture reoccurring. VIEW NOW


Symmastia After Breast Augmentation Is Correctible

Dr. C. Bob Basu explains what treatment options are available when a patient experiences symmastia, or the loss of cleavage due to a migrating implant. VIEW NOW

How is Alloderm and Strattice Used in Breast Reconstruction?

Dr. Bob Basu discusses the difference between Alloderm and Strattice during Breast Reconstruction. Using Alloderm and Strattice dramatically improves Breast Reconstruction results. VIEW NOW