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AlloDerm Vs Strattice in Terms of Rejection Rate?

Hello Doctors. What is your opinion on the use of Alloderm or Strattice? What are the pros and cons of each product? And its rejection rates when... READ MORE

Strattice for Breast Augmentation Revision to Prevent Movement into Armpits

I have 10yr saline, under muscle(325ccs)implants. 5'1, 99lbs, AA before surgery. Shortly after surgery they began to move into my armpits and its... READ MORE

Third Breast Implant Revision Surgery, Time for Strattice? (photo)

1st surgery was 4 yrs ago and I bottomed out w/125cc. Decided on revision and went with a well known revision specialist who did an internal bra... READ MORE

Is Alloderm or Strattice Needed for Implant Reconstruction?

I recently had a prophylactic mastectomy and developed a rather odd complication of persistant drainage with alloderm. My skin would open and drain. I... READ MORE

Strattice Breast Augmentation Revision: Uneven and Bumpy

I am two days post of from a breast augmentation revision. I went from approx 400cc saline under muscle to 375 silicone moderate profile plus under... READ MORE

Strattice to Lessen Chances of Capsular Contracture?

Had Augmentation 25 Years Ago with Capsular Contracture Fix a Year Later. Implants Great for 20+ Years, but then MRI Picked Up a leak. Implants... READ MORE

Strattice Worth $3,000 for Recurrent Capsular Contracture

I had a ba in 2001 with smooth, saline, over the muscle and developed bilateral cc, worse on right side, within a few months. In 2003 I went to a new... READ MORE

Information on Use of Strattice for Breast Revision?

I am four months post-op and have capsular contracture. I was feeling pain and tightening in my right breast from six to eight weeks post-op. My... READ MORE

Will Strattice Breast Revision Procedure Give Desired Results?

Strattice? After 1st BA/BL 3 yrs ago, they sat lower than I would have liked on my chest and were bottoming out. I had revision surgery to correct... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with Use of Strattice and Distortion

I will be having a breast sugmentation redo in the near future, and my new PS suggested using Strattice to help support my new implants. My question... READ MORE

Is Contracture After Strattice Common?

I am considering getting implants with strattice due to repeat cc. Strattice is expensive and there are no guarantees. Have you ever had a patient who... READ MORE

Implants Bottoming Out - Strattice vs Removal?

I'm in my early 30s & have had 250cc submuscular implants for 6 years. The surgery damaged my nerves from day 1, but the results were... READ MORE

This is my 3rd Revision. Second Round of Strattice? Pocket Revision?

These are my breasts after a revision for a malpositioned implant on my left side. The surgeon added strattice to improve the skin thickness. I went... READ MORE

3 Month Post Op Breast Aug Revision with Strattice - Acceptable Result?

I had a revision of 10 yr saline implants that had shifted laterally and bottomed out due to 3 pregnancies and nursing. Revision required strattice... READ MORE

Using Strattice As Preemptive Measure Against Bottoming out in Lift + Augmentation?

Have had three consultations and most recent PS who specializes in reconstructive surgery advised that my skin tissue is somewhat thinner than ideal... READ MORE

10 Days Post Capsulectomy: Pain Has Returned

10 Days Ago Had a Capsulectomy, Replaced with 260cc Silicone Implants (Sub-muscular) with Strattice.  After 6 Days the Pain was managable... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction - FDA Warning About Strattice

My wife will be under going a mastectomy. She was told that they could use alloderm or strattice in conjunction with her tissue expanders. So I... READ MORE

Is Strattice/Alloderm for CC and Palpability a Same Day Surgery or 2 Different Days?

I've had CapsCont 2x and I counsulted with 7 guys in NY/NJ area to consider a 3rd surgery. The majority say I should either live with rock hard... READ MORE

I Am Worried That I Will Tear the New Strattice Breast Tissue if I Play Golf Too Soon. How Long Should I Wait? (photo)

I had 30 year old silicone ruptured implants replaced on 4/31/12 through the areiole with Natrelle high profile, smooth 450 cc gel implants with... READ MORE

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