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Should I Worry SMAS Facelift (Short-scar) Had to Be Reopened During Surgery? (photo)

After being closed, my cheeks started bleeding (while I was having my eyes done) and both were reopened and suctioned. That was six weeks ago, and... READ MORE

43yo Four Weeks Status Post Double Layer Smas Plication, Still Have Signifacant Swelling, Will This Go Away?

43yo four weeks status post double layer smas plication I still have signifacant swelling to lower face and neck with lumpsThree weeks post op seroma... READ MORE

7 Weeks After my SMAS Lift, Hard Lumps and Striations. Massaging Not Seeming to Get Any Better? (photo)

I had a SMAS lift 7 weeks ago, and very unhappy with results. Had a coupe second opinions, and seems docs style was not good. I have hard, visible... READ MORE

How Do I Know That my Lumps and Bumps (3.5 Weeks Post Op of a Facelift) Are Normal and Not Fat Necrosis?

Had a SMAS lift and ended up with some skin necrosis. Got it under control, but now I'm worried that MY lumps and bumps may be fat necrosis vs the... READ MORE

Any ideas about this lump as to what is going on please? (photo)

Dec16/ 2013 smas facelift and neck the kind like a corset . its sore on this side and when I bend down it hurts as well . I don't know if dr didn't... READ MORE

Pulling under chin after Corset Platysmaplasty. When will it loosen up?

One month ago, I had a SMAS lift and a Corset Platysmaplasty. I am good as far as the SMAS lift goes, but I still have swelling, some lumps and what... READ MORE

3.5 weeks ago I had a smas lift. Very severe tightness and discomfort. (photos)

I have severe bunching behind my ears which does not appear to be improving . I also have a deep line and swelling a bit like a rope or tube down one... READ MORE

26 wks po SMAS. Mild pulling sensation at left outer canthus has developed into severe burning pain. What's causing it? (Photo)

Pain and pulling is posterior &inferior to ear, & an arc from outer canthus down to mandible. Have seen PS numerous times, requested neurological... READ MORE

Post neck and facelift swelling got worse after 4 weeks. (Photos)

I am 9 weeks post neck and face lift. At 2 weeks, I looked great. Then I deteriorated & my jawline and face looks puffy/swollen, & small lumps... READ MORE

Follow-Up: I had a SMAS face and neck lift, 2 mo ago and I have lumps! What else will make this better? (photo)

It was very sore on the left side, right side healed better now left side looks like this. Have tried massage,steroid cream. READ MORE

Lumps in neck with swelling and Dimple in Jawline. Any suggestions? (photo)

I am 5 months post op from SMAS Neck lift and facelift and I still have some swelling under jawline. It appears as a double chin? Neck area seems to... READ MORE

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