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How Long Before Smart Lipo Bruising Heals?

I had Smart Lipo done on the saddlebags on my outer thighs last Friday. Not too bad, only that I had leakage on one thigh on that day. Now, I'm... READ MORE

1 Week After Smart Lipo - I Am Covered in Bruises and Skin Feels Numb/Sore. Is This Normal?

I had Smart Lipo done last week on my banana rolls, lower abdomen and saddle bags. I had very little fat to remove, it was mostly done for sculpting... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Vs Cool Lipo for Saddle Bags?

I am a fit 28-year-old woman who has been cursed with the genetics of terrible saddle bags. They are really disproportionate to my body, and trying to... READ MORE

Expected Inches to Loose from Smart Lipo on Saddlebags?

I am planning to have Smart Lipo but I'm very concerned that I won’t be satisfied with the results. As many people say that they did not notice... READ MORE

What to Do About Skin Discoloration After Smart Lipo?

I had smart lipo done 8 weeks ago to the saddle bags - outer thighs - and I still have discolored skin. The skin is darker (I am caucasian) in the... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Resume Hard-core Workout After Smart Lipo?

I am a very active 37 year old mom of two. How soon can I resume boxing, running, kickboxing after having Smart Lipo on my saddlebags and possibly... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Doctor Recommendations in South Florida

Hi I am 27 year old female i work out alot but i have some stubborn areas in my saddle bags and lower abdominal... i am considering smart lipo and I... READ MORE

How Do You Know if Skin is Elastic Enough for Smart Lipo?

Hi, I am24 and I am5'5",125lbs.I have been training intensely as an aerial acrobat for 2 years and my body has changed for the better but I still... READ MORE

Getting Smart Lipo In One Week For Saddlebags, Worried Fat Will Come Back In New Places Following Procedure. Can It?

I am 44 yrs old 5'5" , 126 lbs, weight is stable and I work out 3x wk. I have terrible saddlebags, have had them all my life, even as a teen.... READ MORE

I'm 35 Years Old and Have Horrible Saddlebags and Cellulite on my Upper Legs/ Butt Will Smartlipo Help?

I am in good health, but been heavy since 3rd grade. The cellulite & saddlebags appeared at a VERY young age. I'm considering smart lipo to help... READ MORE

2 Weeks out - is This the Extent of my Shrinkage?

I had smart lipo on my saddlebags 16 days ago. While I measure 3/4 inch less in this area than I did before I had the procedure, can you tell me... READ MORE

Where Would the Incision Site Be for my Saddlebag Area with SmartLipo?

I am concered about having scars form having SmartLipo and was wanting to know if I just needed the 'saddlebag area'(area right under buttocks... READ MORE

How to Even out Saddlebags After Smart Lipo?

Is there anything aside from getting Smart Lipo again, that can be done to even out saddlebags? My left side is noticeably larger than the right. READ MORE

Can I Acheive Look In Picture?? (photo)

Can I go from this, to this(photoshopped 2nd photo).If it is achievable,would it be with smart lipo(I am 52 with some skin laxity), or do I also need... READ MORE

Smart lipo revisions. Would I be expected to pay again?

My first smart lipo procedure on my thighs/banana roll a year ago Oct 2013. 6 months later It was uneven. my doctor said there was still fat on the... READ MORE

What are my best options for saddlebags: smartlipo vs traditional? Will it be permanent? Seeking a professional opinion. (photo)

I am 36 (weight 120, height 5"6) have had 3 children with 1 c-section. I've been active, eating healthy. I can see results everywhere except my... READ MORE

When can I expect to see some type of change after smart Lipo on knees and saddle bags? (Photo)

Hi! I had smart Lipo on saddle bags and knees and skin tightening above knee area too. The surgeon didnt do smart Lipo to whole outer thigh area and... READ MORE

9 days post op of SmartLipo, I'm experiencing a burning sensation in my abs. How long will this last?

Smart lipo on abs 9 days ago on saddlebags & upper/lower abs. I have 2 hard areas where the wand went in under the skin? will this soften over time? READ MORE

When does the swelling get better after Smart Lipo?

I had smart lipo on saddle bags, inner and outer thighs, knees, calves and ankles 24 days ago. I was told by the doctor that he removed 3.5 quarts of... READ MORE

Recommendation for Smart Lipo or another procedure? (Photo)

38 years Mother of two Scheduling smart Lipo of the whole abdominal / flank/ back/inner and outer saddlebags. $ 9400 total a little nerves ousted... READ MORE

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