5 Months Post-op + Smart Lipo

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Hard and Bulging Muscles After Smart Lipo

I had Smart Lipo done 5 months ago. I have not seen the doctor, and they can't seem to let me see him. My stomach is still large and the muscles are... READ MORE

Should I Get a Retouch? (photo)

I had smart lipo the end of September on my upper, lower abs, waste and hips, and this is my results thus far. I am not happy with the results and it... READ MORE

Why Do the Lumps After Smart Lipo Still Hurt After 5 Months?

I had smart lipo done on my upper and lower abdomen 5 months ago. I have 2 lumps the size of a small baseball that I was told was left over fat. I... READ MORE

I Had Smart Lipo 5 Months Ago on my Arms, I Don't See Any Results, Should I Keep Waiting?

I still don't see any results after 5 months Doctor says to give it 6 months...can one more month really make that big a difference? I am so... READ MORE

Will Velashape Help with Smartlipo Results After 4.5 Months Post-op?

I had Smartlipo done in May 2011. My measurements are still the same as they were pre-surgery and my clothes still fit exactly the same. (I still... READ MORE

Painful Lump Above my BB?

It is almost 5 months since I had smart lipo and 1year and 3months since my TT. I saw my PS last week and he said it could be scar tissue but is... READ MORE

Is It Possible for Dead Melted Fat Not to Be Reabsorbed After SmartLipo?

5 months after smartlipo, I have a hard tubular lump each side of belly button, & small area close to breast bone. The lower one is very tender to... READ MORE

Is this as good as it gets post traditional lipo, or can I have an additional procedure to get rid of remaining fat? (photos)

Recently had traditional liposuction 5-6 months ago. The surgeon removed 3,000cc of fat from the flanks, upper/lower abd, hips, and back. Although the... READ MORE

Still slightly sore to touch and possiby swollen 5 months post Smart-Lipo to Inner/outer thighs .

I was very fit and lean when the procedure took place, wanted to get rid of small but stubborn saddlebags. Only aobut 1 1/4 liters were removed... READ MORE

How to reduce bulge after Smart Lipo? Could this bulge be from scar tissue or leftover fat or loose skin? (Photo)

I had smartlipo 5 months ago. I have a bulge around my belly button area. There also appears to be an indent on my upper stomach. Could it be left... READ MORE

Not happy with smartlipo results after 5 months? (Photos)

I did smarlipo on my upper and lower abbs and flanks. I followed all the instructions after my post op and wear my compression garment for 8 weeks,... READ MORE

Smart Lipo months after a BBL?

So I went to my doctor a couple days ago for a follow up after my 5 months of a BBL. I love my butt, he did an amazing job. The only issue is my... READ MORE

What could fix/improvement line/ridge left after submental Smart Lipo? (photos)

It has been approximately 4 1/2 months since I had submental smartlipo. I am 43. I also had 4 sessions of exilis, each a week apart, in an attempt... READ MORE

5 months post op Smart Lipo, still swollen, bumpy in areas, and lopsided (Photo)

I got my flanks, upper and lower abdomen done. Is it normal to have large swollen bumps, and a large swollen bump under the bellie button, also it... READ MORE

My navel area and lower abdomen itches like I got a mosquito bite after Smart Lipo?

Its been 5 months since I did my smart lipo. I have no bruising nor swelling in that area ca. it be possible that I have a skin infection? READ MORE

Irregularities 5 months post op smartlipo? (Photos)

Its been about 5 months since i've had smartlipo done on my upper/lower abdomen and flanks. I seem to still have lumpiness and loose skin mainly in my... READ MORE

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