3 Months Post-op + Smart Lipo

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Uneven Stomach After Smart Lipo - Does This Look Normal?

I am 11 weeks post op and wanted more advice on my uneven skin on my stomach. does this look normal? why is it not smooth? my flanks turned out fine... READ MORE

How to Tighten Skin After Smart Lipo?

March 9th 2010, I had smart Lipo my stomach is flat, but the skin didn't tighten well it shows when I sit down. What can I do to tighten my skin upper... READ MORE

Had Smart Lip-no Results After 3 Months. Doc Said He Cannot Explain Why?

I had smart lipo 3 months ago. I went to my follow up and the doc said there were no results. Maybe a half inch. I had my upper lower stomach and... READ MORE

11 weeks Post Smart Lipo to stomach, does this look normal. (photo)

After 11 weeks I still feel like I am in recovery. I am still wearing garment as my lumps hurt even more if unsupported. I have a stitch in my side... READ MORE

When Can I Expect Results from Smart Lipo and Mesotherapy?

I had Smart Lipo on my saddlebags 3 months ago. When I went in for my post-op 2 weeks ago, the doctor said he can see that the area still hasn't taken... READ MORE

Post 3 Months After Smart Lipo Upper and Lower Abdomen Area Questions? (photo)

I went in for my three month post checkup and the doctor is requesting that I let her do a revision of the area again. She is stating she isn't happy... READ MORE

When will you start seeing final results of Smart Lipo? I'm 3 1/2 weeks post-op and not happy with my results so far. (Photo)

I had smartlipo 3 1/2 weeks ago on my abs, flanks, and inner thighs. I have noticed a difference but how long to see final results? I am not happy... READ MORE

3 Months After Smartlipo - (Inner Thigh), is It Normall/usual to Still Have Area of Hardness?

3 Months After Smartlipo - (Inner Thigh), is It Normall/usual to Still Have Area of Hardness? READ MORE

Will 3 Month Post Op Smart Lipo Lumps Resolve or Will I Need a Revision? (photo)

I am 3 months post op Smart Lipo. I am happy overall except for the lumpiness around my belly button. My doc says his feeling is the lumps will... READ MORE

Am I on the Right Healing Path 3 Months After Smart Lipo?

I had Smart Lipo done to my lower abdomen 3 months ago & I'm still very lumpy in parts and hollow in other parts, making for a very uneven and... READ MORE

Uneven result? (Photo)

It has been 3 months sense I had my inner thigh smartlipo done. The result was even on each side for the first weeks, but now it looks like one side... READ MORE

How long before smart lipo incision scars disappear completely?

Three months post-op and the the incision scars which are approx 2 mm long are still very visible and a darker shade . I'm using Mederma, scar healing... READ MORE

Lumpiness After Smartlipo, Will it Go Away? (photo)

I am a little over 10 weeks post Smartlipo. I have been seeing a therapist for lymphatic massages for a few weeks now. I have two visible hard lumps... READ MORE

When Will I See Results of Smart Lipo with Suction?

I had Smart Lipo a month ago, and I'm wondering when will I see results with suction? I'm read it would be up to 3 months (which is fine); however,... READ MORE

Disappointed with SmartLipo Results - How to Find a Good Second Opinion on What's Next?

I'm very unhappy with results of smartlipo performed 3 months ago. I now have huge dents in each thigh which look much worse than my previous 'fat... READ MORE

3 Months Since my Smart Lipo, Why Do My Thighs and Arms Have Odd Indentations and Waves?

Its been 3 months since my smart lipo. My thighs and arms have odd dentations and waves. The skin on my thighs never contracted and looks worse than... READ MORE

Smartlipo triplex still swollen after 3 months? (photo)

I had smartlipo (triplex) high definition performed 11 weeks ago on my chest, upper/lower abs and flanks. I'm starting to get very worried because it... READ MORE

Residual Hardness 3 Months After Smartlipo, Is This Normal?

Residual hardness 3 months after smartlipo of inner thigh, at this point can this still be considered as a normal healing process? READ MORE

I Had Smart Lipo 3 Months Ago. I Was Smaller a Month Ago, What Happened? Yes I Exercise and Diet.

I had smart/vaser lipo on April 25th, my first procedure--abdomen and waist, followed by 2 more weekly produces, chin, arms, inner thighs, lower butt,... READ MORE

is 3 Months Enough Time For a Revision After Smartlipo to Inner Thighs?

I am not happy with the result of my inner thigh smartlipo result, when can i have revision? is 3 months ok or still too early? READ MORE

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