How to Tighten Skin After Smart Lipo?

March 9th 2010, I had smart Lipo my stomach is flat, but the skin didn't tighten well it shows when I sit down. What can I do to tighten my skin upper and lower abs?

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SlimLipo and SmartLipo will tighten skin if properly done-if major skin excess exists a Tummy Tuck is better

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Published studies have shown that SlimLipo and SmartLipo laser assisted Liposuction will provide additional skin tightening when compared to non Laser Assisted Liposuction.

However these techniques are very dependent on the skill and experience of the surgeon and must be done properly to gain the best effect of the laser skin tightening.

The process of skin tightening is based on a laser induced inflammation of the tisssues beneath the skin and this process takes at least 6 months for maximum effect-so you need to wait that long to evaluate your results.

The laser induced skin tightening with SlimLipo and Smartlipo cannot adequately tighten sverely loose skin that requires a Tummy Tuck.

THis is a decision that your Surgeon should be able to make. If you have a lot of laxity then you may have been better served by a Tummy Tuck

The ONLY sure way of tightening skin is to surgically remove it.

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Sorry to hear of your experience. You are just another in a long line of women who may have been led to believe that having laser liposuction would both remove excess fat and tighten the skin. This has yet to be proven by any respected scientific publication.

Liposuction = removes fat.
Tummy Tuck = removes and flattens skin.

In you are bothered by your skin looseness and want all excess skin gone you would probably benefit from a surgical removal such as a Tummy tuck.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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