Sleeve Gastrectomy

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A sleeve gastrectomy (also known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy) is an irreversible surgery to reduce the size of the stomach, thus promoting weight loss by reducing the amount of food you can consume. Unlike gastric bypass, it doesn't alter the digestive tract. The procedure typically requires one to two days in the hospital. LEARN MORE ›

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40 Year Old Wife to an Amazing Man and Mother of 3 Grown Children and 1 Young Child - Milwaukee, WI

Hi everyone I'm Tiffany. My knee dr. mentioned wls to me 2 years ago to help relieve some of the pain my access weight is causing but I didnt think much of it. I found this site when I was researching tummy tucks since I have a family history of large round tummies that drop to your knees as you... READ MORE

47 and Tired of the Roller Coaster. Port Macquarie, AU

I'm 99kgs at the moment and have struggled with my weight since my first child 22years ago. Im wanting to have the gastric sleeve surgery and have joined a health fund specifically to do this surgery and help cover costs. I have to wait 12months to be covered but that's ok, more time to research... READ MORE

36 Year Old Ready for a New Way of Life - Lexington, SC

I had lapband surgery in 2009 with no luck and had it removed in April of this year. I am having gastric sleeve done this month. At my heaviest 2 weeks ago I weighed 305. I have been doing the preop diet for a little over a week and I am down to 293. I am getting a little nervous but I am ready... READ MORE

Surgery on 07/14/16- What to Potentially Expect - Wilmington, DE

Hi all- I just had surgery last Thursday and I'm doing well. I was able to walk literally within a couple hours after surgery and I walked often in the hospital for the 2 days I was there as a friend who previously recommended the surgery advised me to. The pain for this surgery is actually... READ MORE

Sleeved with a Low BMI on April 7, 2016 in Tijuana Mexico

I arrived at airport around 1:00 checked in and the driver picked me up around 2:30 after I checked in at the check in point. I got to the hospital around 3:30 filled out my paperwork and got called in the back to do my EKG and blood test. Blood test didn't go so well due to they could get the... READ MORE

Found my surgeon Dr Medina in D.R. she's board certified

I'm looking forward to having Gastric Sleeves surgery this Spring if God permits. I'm tired of this weight and all the yo-yo diets. It's time to change my life, this time for good. I've been on "Real Self" for about a year now, man I love it. It helps me with my decision on choosing my surgeon... READ MORE

18 Months and 194 Pounds Gone... WLS Saved my Life. Carrollton, TX

This is going to be pretty long as I want to share as much as I can about my journey for anyone thinking about surgery, or has any questions. PLEASE feel free to ask anything. I am not shy, and will probably overshare! lol I had thought about having WLS previously, but never was able to... READ MORE

27yo Mom, 1 Child,Atlanta, GA, Ready for Change - Mexico

I am finally making a post on this site. I have been lurking around for months and gathering information. I am exactly one month out and extremely nervous. I have to start my 3 week pre-of diet in 1 week. I'm just glad it's after Thanksgiving. I have booked my flight and I'm checking my pre-op... READ MORE

This Has Been an Amazing Journey - Atlanta, GA

I am excited just to think of how far I've come since my procedure one year ago. When I started this journey, I weighted almost 340 pounds but on May 8, 2015, my life changed. I was diagnosed as being a border line diabetic due to my weight so I made the decision to get the sleeve. I feel... READ MORE

You Do That Pretty Well for a "Girl of Your Size". - Swedish - Seattle, WA

Hi all! Nice to meet you. I'm 30, no kids, just bought a condo, I have a dog and I work full time and I've been jumping through the hoops of trying to get this surgery done for the last 7 months. My last step is just being approved by my new (as of Jan) insurance and then setting a date (hoping... READ MORE

Ready for a New Healthy Way of Living - Mexico, MX

Hello to all my current past and about to be sleevers. I have been on this site for a little over 9 months and, just like others I have been stalking everyone page.I have even contacted a few people to ask questions. All of you have given me courage to share my journey. If it wasn't for many... READ MORE

!!Had My SLEEVE 4 Moths AGO, Best Decision Ever.!!!! - Cary, NC

SO, Im not good at typing, But wanted to help others in there journey, so Ill be happy to answer any type of question. I am 30 yr old 5'9'' and I weighed 290 day of surgery, today almost 4 months later I am 213lbs. My wife just had this same procedure today, thats what prompted this review. Im... READ MORE

Hopefully Getting Sleeved in the UAE. Saudi Arabia, SA

I have been a fan of real self for a year and it has really helped me to go ahead with my decision to get a gastric sleeve. I initially was reluctant to write a review-however I haven't seen very many reviews done in the UAE and I thought I might help someone on a similar path to my own. First... READ MORE

Getting my Sleeve on Monday - Puerto Rico, PR

Hello community: new to this website. I'm a 43 y/o male with sleep apnea, HBP, DM type 2, gout and asthma. I'm 511 and at the beginning of the journey in early July I peaked at 314. Currently I'm in day 5 of the all liquid diet and it sucks but is doable. I been struggling with weight for more... READ MORE

44yrs Old, Two Grown Kids, Grandkids an Amazing Husband and a Princess (Dog) - Torrance, CA

I've been researching seriously for 6months about the sleeve surgery. I found out I had sleep apnea and that was the last straw. I have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and severe back pain that's fast and furious. I started at 294 pds when I had my first appointment, which... READ MORE

Discovering my Real Self!!! - Lancaster, PA

Where do I start? Growing up in a Puerto Rican (Latin) family the only vegetable we ever ate was beans and maybe potatoes. Every day, a plate of rice and bean usually paired with some type of fried meat. My dad didn't believe in vegetables, he always said it was pet food. He often referred to... READ MORE

New Life

I went with the sleeve because i was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and poly cycstic ovarian syndrome and it was only getting worse . I am completely satisfied with my results and my doctor . Dr. Almanza the whole experience was very scary but i was in excellent hands. Although the staff was... READ MORE

Anyone else Having VSG in November 2016? - Mexico, MX

After years of dieting and getting no where, decided to get sleeved! I have been on that roller coast for so long, decided it was time to get off and start doing something about it. So I have schedule my surgery for November 5, 2016, and I am not looking back. I have high blood pressure, high... READ MORE

Ready to Start Act 2 of my Life...who's with Me?? - Mexico

So I'm getting sleeved soon and I'm nervous, I'm going alone and would like to know if there is who has gone through weight loss agents or using Dr Almanza and wants a sleeve partner. Im excited but very nervous especially about the gas pain I keep hearing about since I already have bad gas now.... READ MORE

VSG, Longterm VSG, Dr. Maytorena, 28YO, 1 Child, Divorced

Hello all! I decided to go ahead and make a post since I have been lurking this site for years now. I have decided to go with Dr, M at LTVSG, one reason being the price and the second being his reputation. I have medical insurance in the US, but it does not cover WLS. How about that? I'm paying... READ MORE

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