Sleeve Gastrectomy

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A Sleeve Gastrectomy (also known as a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy) is a surgery to reduce the size of the stomach and thus promote weight loss. The smaller stomach reduces the amount of food you can eat in one sitting, making you feel full faster. The surgery requires general anesthesia and typically one to two days in the hospital. Unlike gastric bypass, it doesn’t change digestion. LEARN MORE ›

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My name is Dawn and I am 26 years old. I have 1 daughter who will be 2 in April. I am 5'6 tall and weight 285 pounds. A little quick history about my self: I wasn't always overweight - I was a cheerleader throughout middle school and also in my first year of high school. I was dating someone... READ MORE

Hiii! Im 26yr old 5'8'' starting weight 279p. This journey has been going on for a while, I am originally from NY and I lived in FL for about 3 1/2 yrs I went to see 3 different doctors and looked into the lap-band or the sleeve ultimately i was more into the sleeve. The main problem was since... READ MORE

I went to LTVSG in Tjuana, Mexico. Dr Maytorena at the JLP Surgery Center. Let me start by saying this place is terrific. I had a previous gastric bypass done back in 1996 by a USA Doctor. About 9 years ago my weight started coming back on. Before I had my gastric bypass I was weighing 350 lbs.... READ MORE

I am a candidate for the Verticle Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery(Gastric Sleeve Surgery) and have already attended the Weight Loss Seminar for Bariatric Surgery(March 6, 2014), I've had my Initial Consultation(April 6, 2014), my Gallbladder Ultrasound(April 11, 2014), Blood Work, 2 years Weight... READ MORE

I made a decision to have the gastric sleeve surgery. I am nervous. I need to do it for my health. My knee is bad and my BP is up now. I've always been overweight. My biggest worry is getting thru the 1st month post op. Very scared. I am not able to exercise much due to my knees. Recently I can... READ MORE

I went to a weight loss class 8 years ago and the only thing available was bypass and lap band. I said Nevermind. I can do it on my own. Fast forward 8 years. Add in 60 pounds, high blood pressure, diabetes and sleep issues and I had to do something. 8 weeks out from my pre surgery diet 6 weeks... READ MORE

So I am a 42 year old female who has always struggeled with her weight. I was always a size 20 or up until my mid-twenties when I decided to go on weight watchers, and run up to 5 miles a day. However, after having my daughter at age 33 and more responsibilities when my career started developing... READ MORE

So, I have been on a "diet" for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I had some success, but then one or two meals would ruin it and I would be back at square one. I was "fat" in high school, but I've gained over a hundred pounds since then. 7 years ago I got diagnosed with diabetes. So as... READ MORE

I am 39 years old and a married mother to 3 kids (19,16,&14). Numerous times over the years I have researched bariatric surgery. Each time I stop short of actually attending a seminar. Well..... I went to the bariatric surgery seminar on 06/30/15. After listening (with my very supportive... READ MORE

I want to be able to run, and walk without being breathless. I have troubled with weight gain for a very long time. But was very nervous. After seeing the results on someone I know personally I decided that hey I can do this. I just want to be healthier, for me it's not about being a size 10 or... READ MORE

Hi all! Nice to meet you. I'm 30, no kids, just bought a condo, I have a dog and I work full time and I've been jumping through the hoops of trying to get this surgery done for the last 7 months. My last step is just being approved by my new (as of Jan) insurance and then setting a date (hoping... READ MORE

It's taken at minimum 12 years of consideration and research and not being able to keep the weight off to come to the conclusion I need weight loss surgery. I'm 51 years old and have had my weight be the front runner of emotions my entire adult life. I've decided, for me, Vertical Sleeve... READ MORE

I will be sleeved in TJ by Dr. Kelly. I am nervous, excited and overwhelmed. I have been stalking weight loss forums since 2010. I have researched and all of that led to my decision to got with Dr. Kelly back in 2011 however procrastination and me making everyone and everything a priority but me... READ MORE

I'm 5"5' and currently 202lbs. I've struggled with my weight my whole life and I have a family history of obesity and diabetes. I'm getting sleeves my Dr. Martinez at The Obesity Control Center in Tiajuana Mexico on April 21, '15. My goal is to avoid a diabetes diagnosis and lose the knee and... READ MORE

For years I have struggled with my weight and now I'm approved for surgery by my insurance in ST.Maarten and had to travel to Colombia to be examine to see if I will be a possible surgery. On the 17th of January I arrived in Cali Colombia,nervous but happy I finally met with the doctor that will... READ MORE

I have surgery scheduled on Monday (12/7/15) for a single incision gastric sleeve, with Dr. Fernando Garcia at Tijuana Bariatrics. I am 5'5" and 200lbs. I started my "pre-op" diet yesterday and I am pretty miserable. 3 protein shakes a day (premier protein) and one salad with light dressing.... READ MORE

Hi All!! I am 49yrs old from Salem, Ma and I am being sleeved on 1/06/16. I am a diabetic, have high blood pressure, Cholesterol issues and the doctors want me off all these medications and so do I and we all feel this is the best way for me to get off of this pill popping life I am... READ MORE

Hi there realselfers, I decided to create another blog for my upcoming Gastric Sleeve surgery. For those of you who has not followed me, I'm zaria63. I wanted to originally have a tt, bbl, and lipo done by the waiste slayers in the Dominican Republic. But unfortunately,life happens and... READ MORE

Since the birth of my daughter 25 years ago I have been overweight, but I have always been a very positive person and I believe you should love yourself no matter what the outside package is. I have always tried to remain trendy with clothing and active. But l need to make a change not for... READ MORE

55 year old, weight 215, BMI 35.5, on blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid medication with A1C of 7.0 going for sleeve on 12/28/15. I have high expectations and plan on following diet and exercise recommendations to a tee. Tired of being on medicine and do not want to add Metaformin or other... READ MORE

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