Sleeve Gastrectomy

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A sleeve gastrectomy (also known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy) is an irreversible surgery to reduce the size of the stomach, thus promoting weight loss by reducing the amount of food you can consume. Unlike gastric bypass, it doesn't alter the digestive tract. The procedure typically requires one to two days in the hospital. LEARN MORE ›

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Getting Gastric Sleeve and Vaginal Reconstruction - Tijuana, Mexico

I wished I would have known about the Gastric Sleeve 1 year ago. I did things completely backwards. I got liposuction, fat injections for dimpled areas and a tummy tuck about a year ago. Yes my stomach is flat and I don't look horrible to everyone else, but I just feel frustrated every-time I... READ MORE

Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana - Mexico

Hello all, I have scheduled my gastric sleeve with Dr. Marcelo Hernandez who works out of the HMN Hospital in Tijuana, MX. I have researched this doctor and he is an experienced surgeon in Gastric Sleeve Surgery. My recovery will be at the Hotel Hacienda Del Rio and I leave Mexico on the 14th.... READ MORE

46 Years Old and Just Plain Tired of Being FAT

I have been a member since April of last year and found this site useful as reading others experiences. I felt that it was necessary to give an update and to explain why it is taken me a year to get to my surgery schedule date. First - I had to go through 6 months of nutrition counseling,... READ MORE

37, 297lb W/ Four Children & I Want to Live

I'm going through Kaiser North Cal Fremont. My insurance is through them and they cover everything. So I don't know how much this is all going to cost because I have complete coverage. Going through Kaiser has been a long process. They want you to hit a certain goal weight, go to classes,... READ MORE

32 Years Old, Sick of Yo-yo Dieting. Went to Piedras Negras, Mexico. Best Decision Ever!!

Today I'm 2 weeks post and I've lost 12 lbs. I can't say more about Dr. Guillermo Alvarez and his staff. My post op was a little bit slower than the girl that had surgery that day because they had to take a Hiatal Hernia. (That BTW Dr. A didn't even charge me additional) Right now I feel alive... READ MORE

30, Always Been the Big Girl in the Group - Kansas City, MO

Been on here for a while, but haven't posted. Looking for some support as many of my friends and family don't know I am Having the procedure. I've been plus size since I hit puberty. At 25/26 I loss about 40lb 252-212 but then my mom got cancer, she passed away and since she has passed I've... READ MORE

34 Years Old with 3 Kids

I have been struggling with my weight since a teen .. I have done about every diet their is spend endless hours at the gym .. yes I lost weight but than I will regain it back plus some more .. obesity runs in my family so I have decided to obtain a gastric sleve ... to start a journey of a... READ MORE

38 Yo with 35 BMI

Today will be day one of my 1 week liquid diet. This Texas girl here loves her Southern food & anything noodles or cheese so not having a big plate will be a change. Looking forward to not having those cravings. I bought Isopure protein powder & clear protein drinks. The powder is... READ MORE

40 Years Old Single Mom Ready to Make a Change for Health - Baltimore, MD

Hello my name is Marquita originally from Baltimore growing up I never had a weight problem until I turned 20 I had my first child at 33 and I decided a year ago to go for bariatric surgery last year I was 3:25 today 1997 I did that in one year on my own I tried almost everything pills powder... READ MORE

Here We Go!

I have been stalking people on this and other bariatric surgery websites for a little over a year now. I am finally at a point where enough is enough and scheduled the surgery for February 7, 2017. I am 46, high weight 352.6 and I'm 5'8" tall. I have been curvy all my life, but never weighed... READ MORE

Tired of being FAT!! Tijuana Here I Come...ahh

Hello friends.. so I wanted to thank all you guys that give reviews and share your life with us. I have been debating on writing a review or not but this website and has helped me soo much in informing my self and hearing other peoples stories I need to pay it forward. I am 31 years old mother... READ MORE

Time to Stop the Madness and Regain My Life - Houston, TX

I'm a divorced single female in her mid-forties. 5'4" tall and approximately 215 pounds (been a bit since I've weighed so could be more)...I'm enjoyin my last blissful ignorant days as much as I can in that department. Typical story for me -- been overweight since I was in the 4th grade and... READ MORE

27 Years Old, Tired of Yo-Yoing - Philadelphia, PA

Where do I even start? I've been a big girl for most of my life. Starting around 10 y/o or so, I was always the big girl in school. I've heard all the wonderful backhanded compliments a big girl can get. "You do that well for a girl of your size." "Aw, you've at least got a pretty face." "I... READ MORE

42, Heart Attack Survivor, Mother of 3. Houston, TX

I've been a yo-yo my whole life. I finally conquered a healthy lifestyle in 1998 then found myself pregnant with my oldest son. I gained more than 70 pounds during that pregnancy. I eventually got my weight down but I wasn't really living a healthy lifestyle, just a whole lot of "movin and... READ MORE

41yrs Young Weight on Sleeve Day Was 239... - Las Vegas, NV

I'm finally SLEEVED???? I had my surgery on February 23,2016...It was a Lil uncomfortable due to the gas pains...everything went well & I'm heading home today February 24,2016...I'm feeling a whole lot better today...Thanks Dr Umbach & your fabulous staff...I would recommend him to my... READ MORE

27 Year Old Wanting to Lose Weight Before Starting a Family - New Hartford, NY

I have my consult and informational seminar on sep 17. I weigh 217 lbs and am only five feet tall. I have been about ten-fifteen lbs overweight since I was a teenager but the past 7 years I have been continuing to gain weight at an alarming rate. I want children but I know it isn't healthy... READ MORE

51years Old; Tired of Battling Weight for Most of my Life!

So I had been considering a gastric sleeve for several years, but insurance wouldn't cover the cost because my BMI is not high enough. The total cost would be around $14,000 which is more than I can afford to spend. After doing some investigating online I decided Tijuana was my best choice. I... READ MORE

Tired of yo-yo weight - Tijuana, MX

So I'm going to get the gastric sleeve done first. I'm doing research on MDs, and would love suggestions please help!!! I've seen and heard good reviews on MDs in Mexico I would love to hear from anyone who has been. Definitely would like to hear about price, cleanliness, professionalism and... READ MORE

33 Married and Tired of Being Obese.

Hello everyone i am a 33 year old female married with no kids.I am scheduled to have surgery on the 06th of December with Dr Jorge Maytorena.I am on a high protein diet for this week before surgery.My starting weight was 215 i am now 195.My highest weight has been 220lbs.I am 5 foot 4 and my bmi... READ MORE

Early 30's, PCOS Fighter, Determined to Start Family

I have decided to contribute to this forum for young women who are wanting to know whether this is a suitable procedure when trying to lose weight in order to start a family. I will track my progress here so that others can benefit and assess whether this is the right option for them. I felt... READ MORE


I have a confession: I'm addicted to Real Self. A few nights ago, I had my ipad on my lap, fork in one hand with Cinnabon at my side. And I thought to myself, my gosh, I'm reading blogs about weight loss and look at me devouring this Cinnabon! Then last night it was a full glass of ice-cream,... READ MORE

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