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A sleeve gastrectomy (also known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy) is an irreversible surgery to reduce the size of the stomach, thus promoting weight loss by reducing the amount of food you can consume. Unlike gastric bypass, it doesn't alter the digestive tract. The procedure typically requires one to two days in the hospital. LEARN MORE ›

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27 Yr Old, 3 Kids, 4'11", 260 Lbs

Ive been on here lurking since the end of last year, looking at everyones stories. I have been doing everything i need for my insurance to approve the surgery and it was finally approved on 9/6/17. My surgery date is 10/4/17. Its has been a full year working on this. ???????????? im so happy,... READ MORE

Short and Sweet and Low BMI - Las Vegas, NV

Hi Realselfers, First, I want to thank all the thousands of people who have posted their stories and share their knowledge. It has been invaluable! It has been feeding my secret obsession for self improvement for years! Hopefully some of you will identify with my story. I'm scheduled for a... READ MORE

32 year old. 6ft tall 300 lbs. Preparing for weight loss surgery

Right now I'm looking to find out what's the best treatment for me and my lifestyle. I've come a long way from where I began at my heaviest weight 352 lbs in 2015. I've lost 88 lbs naturally. But gained a lot back. Now I'm at 300 and it feels like square 1. I work out 4 days per week. I'm... READ MORE

Finally! I Have my Surgery Date

I am really happy that UCH as approved my surgery. I am schedule for VSG 9/28/17. I'm starting to feel nervous now. I started my journey as of 1/2/2017 after seeing the scale tip of 280 I knew I had to stop. I just cannot imagine being of 300lbs! I started high blood pressure medicine the year... READ MORE

40s Male VSG Starting HW 255, SW 244 5 Day Post Op 229.

Diabetes and sleep apnea was my main motivation for getting the surgery done. The pills and everything associated with it, just became too much and totally just took over my life. I wasn't getting any younger and dieting was showing any long-term success needed to be productive. I thought about... READ MORE

19 and sleeved!

I always hear people saying they wish they got sleeved when they were younger and I don't want to have any regrets. I've been bigger my whole life and I'm hoping this is kind of a way to start over. I never thought of getting any kind of bariatric surgery til I saw my coworker transform and lose... READ MORE

Low BMI Co-morbidities

Hi guys! I'm 32yo and my BMI is 35 however I developed sleep apnea, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I really needed to do something about my situation fast. I had my sleeve done at Kim Bariatric's. Dr. Hien Le was my surgeon and she was amazing!! She's very... READ MORE

44 Year Old Wife & Mother, with BMI of 50.5

Having been morbidly obese a good portion of my adult life, my quality of life was deteriorating as I became older. Bariatric surgery is something I considered for 7 or 8 years, I thoroughly researched three modalities (Roux en Y Gastric Bypass, Laparoscopic Gastric Banding & Vertical... READ MORE

Not waiting on insurance....

I am a 40 yo female, 5'9", 265lbs. BMI 39.4. I tarred the process of going through insurance last November 2016. I have United Healthcare though my employer and my employer does have obesity coverage. I stated down the weight loss surgery path (gastric sleeve) after a recommendation from my... READ MORE

43 Years Old, 5'1", 215 Lbs. New year= New me! Houston, TX

My journey is just beginning for the second time. I will be having a revision from lap band to gastric sleeve. I had my band done 8 years ago. I have had complications with my band, nothing serious, more just a fluke I guess. When I got banded, I was so excited, ready to live my life! My band... READ MORE

25 Yrs 5'5 PCOS 270lbs on a Fatty to Baddy Mission

I decided to get the sleeve gastronomy. My starting weight is bout 275 now and only 8 months ago I weighed 250. I feel it's time to nip this is the bud and do something I feel will help better the quality of my life. My date if surgery is currently undetermined but I suspect that it will be... READ MORE

Getting Sleeved in Tijuana - Mexico

Ok so I'm 32 years old, a mother, wife, student, and police officer. I've been over weight my whole life. In 2013 I had a tummy tuck and breast implants after losing some weight. I love my new tummy but I still haven't been able to lose the weight. Now I've decided to go through A Lighter Me to... READ MORE

Approaching 70 Yrs Old and Tired of the 40+ Year Battle with my Weight! - Birmingham, AL

Had a consult in mid-September with a weight loss surgery center, but was unhappy with the negative attitude of the doctor, as well as the lack of information regarding insurance coverage from the staff, so I let them know I wouldn't be back. Discovered a major university hospital nearby has a... READ MORE

Wanting to Get Sleeved

I've been on the site for a while, I can say its become an addiction now! I am really determined to get sleeved in MX, but its so hard making a decision on who I want to go with. I have done a bit of research on a few doctors but cant make up my mind, any recommendations are appreciated. Some... READ MORE

37 Yr Old Female. VSG Mexico

Tired of being fat. I had read a lot of reviews on Realself and I also follow women on Instagram who have had the procedure done in Mexico. I decided enough was enough and paid my deposit. My starting weight at surgery was 206. I am 5'5. I did do a low card high protein diet a week before and... READ MORE

Tired of yo-yo weight - Tijuana, MX

So I'm going to get the gastric sleeve done first. I'm doing research on MDs, and would love suggestions please help!!! I've seen and heard good reviews on MDs in Mexico I would love to hear from anyone who has been. Definitely would like to hear about price, cleanliness, professionalism and... READ MORE

23. Obesed. 250. PCOS and Sleep Apnea. VSG.

-BMI 39 -5.7 -250 -United Healthcare -Requirements 6 month diet nonconsecutive within the last 2 years Mental Evaluation EGD Medical Clearance And informational meeting -Sounds like a lot but honestly it hasn't been - I'm nervous I've been dealing with my weight since I was an adolescent (I... READ MORE

I'm trying but it's hard

I'm a sleever since April 2016 but I didn't drop a lot of weight I'm constantly eating however I exercise 3-4 times a week. I'm so ashamed I haven't been back to the doctor since my 6month check up. I was 265lbs on the day of surgery and today I'm 204lbs. I feel better than I ever felt in my... READ MORE

Fat, Sick, Tired & Feeling Nearly Dead - Kansas City, MO

This is my first post but I have been reading a lot of post for the last 3 months. I am 25++ (;))married with 2 children. I am very much over weight & need all the help & support that I can get. I've had my initial consultation with a surgeon & nutritionist but I have to wait until the end of... READ MORE

VSG & Me (Pre-op Info, Intial Consult) - Arizona, AZ

I had decided to look in to weight loss surgery, initially I thought I wanted lapband, but a friend had recommended that I research Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG); I visited my primary care md and had her full support, she then referred me to the Weight Loss Institute of AZ. I called on... READ MORE

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