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I lost 170lb, Are there any alternatives to massive surgery to remove excess arm and inner thigh skin? photo)

I was 300lb back in 2000, Sz 26 & I'm down to 130 Sz 4. Is there anything less $$ than major surgery? I so much wanted to get thin & be healthy. I did... READ MORE

Treatment Options for Loose Skin on Inner Thighs

There are also bumps. It is probably losing weight and gaining it back again since I know myself. I'm 36 yr old woman. I workout 2 times a week... READ MORE

How can I tighten my skin on inner upper thighs and upper arms?

Have had 2 kids and gained 65-80 lbs with each pregnancy then lost it plus a little more. Have I stretched my skin to no hope or can it be fixed. It's... READ MORE

What treatments would work to tighten, to some noticeable degree the inner thighs, lower butt, upper arms and stomach?

After extreme weight loss the skin left behind is saggy, jiggly, exceeded excessive and sun texture is dry and dimply. Muscular tone is lose and lacks... READ MORE

How can I tighten loose skin in my inner thighs? (Photo)

I am 30 years old and have undergone two rounds of BBL where fat was lipo'd from my thighs. My weight has also fluctuated for most of my adult life.... READ MORE

What is the best method ok skin tightening for inner thigh and above the knee?

What is the best method ok skin tightening for inner thigh and above the knee? READ MORE

What is the best option for inner thighs - Cellulite and loose skin?

I have loose skin on my inner thighs as well as a lot of cellulite. I'm a mother of three who has also lost some weight recently. What are my best and... READ MORE

What is the best non-surgical treatment for sagging anterior and inner thighs?

I have lost some weight but haven't built enough muscles yet. My thighs look jiggly. READ MORE

What Non-Surgical Options Are there for Skin Tightening for the Upper Inner Thigh?

Hopefully you can give me some ideas of what I can try.I have loose skin on my upper inner thigh at the buttox. It really bothers me. I have always... READ MORE

Are there any recent non-invasive advancements to fix my saggy inner thigh skin? (photos)

I run and run and run and yet am beyond discouraged by this saggy inner thigh thing happening! I'm realistic and don't expect that my thighs won't... READ MORE

Is there a surgical option to tighten the skin around the inner upper area of both of my legs? (Photo)

The skin stretched when I had my first child more than 20 years ago. With both stretch marks and loose skin, I'm thinking the surgical trade off is a... READ MORE

Will Florida medicaid through Integral cover cosmetic surgery for rashes under loose skin and inner thighs??

I live in Florida and have lost 146 lbs and have rashes occurring under my loose skin from lower stomach and insides of my thighs. I am on medicaid... READ MORE

What is the best non-surgical way to tighten loose skin?

I have lost a lot of weight, but no one can tell because of all the loose skin . I don't want to have surgery to fix it. What is the best way to... READ MORE

Pills for healthy skin.

I have really saggy inner thighs. I believe my skins elasticity and overall health needs some work. Had two babies and after my skin was never the... READ MORE

Can I get financial assistance from the Canadian gov to cover some skin removal due to weight loss or have it probono?

I have problems with the loose skin on my inner thigh and abdominal area because of losing 140lbs this is causing infections in my bellybutton and... READ MORE

Is noninvasive, invasive, or skin tightening my best options to kick start my weight loss again and tighten my skin? (Photos)

I have lost about 100 pounds by myself from 2010-2012. weighing in at 260, smaller than my high school weight of 286. I currently weigh 240 pounds at... READ MORE

Excess skin - can gluteal fold be improved via inner thigh incision?

I lost 20lbs, and have a small amount of excess skin at the gluteal "crease" that masks the great shape and projection of my glutes. When I pinch the... READ MORE

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