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How Can I Treat Very Dark Lip Corners and Hydroquinone Does Not Work? (photo)

I have side of my lips darker than the rest of my face. I have been having for a long time now. It makes my face look wider and weird. i have tried... READ MORE

What Are My Options to Make My Lips Pink? What is the Cost?

I was having a bit pinkish lips before and now they turned to darker,can u suggest me anything or i laser treatment really works to get pink lips and... READ MORE

Is Yag Laser Effective for Correcting Dark Lips?

I'm Asian with very dark lips. I was thinking of doing Yag laser to correct this. Is it effective? How much would it cost? READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Lip Discoloration-african American?

My top lip is dark brown and my bottom lip is pink... I like the color of my top lip and would like the bottom a darker so they match. It makes me... READ MORE

How to Make my Lips Pink Again?

I was born with bright pink lips. wen I turn 14years old my lips turn very black. now they got lighter again, they are a medium brown color no longer... READ MORE

Lightening Dark Lips?

Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to lighten dark lips with a chemical peel or laser. One dermatologist was going to do a chemical peel for me but... READ MORE

Which bleaching creams are best for bleaching my lips to make them one color?

I want to make my lips all one pink color. The corners of my lips are a little bit darker. READ MORE

How can I lighten my dark lips and eyes? (Photo)

My undet eyes and eyelids are reaaly dark and i have a dark lip around my bottom lip is there anything i can do to lighten those? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Tri Luma when I've Already Had a Reaction to Hydroquinone?

I have dark brown spots on my cheeks, forehead and upper lip I used OTC creams with hidroquinone but I get a reaction to it redness and swollen on the... READ MORE

Best Way to Lighten Dark Lips

I am a 23 years old Asian with naturally hyperpigmented full lips(dark brown to be more precise). I have no history of skin diseases and would like... READ MORE

Permanent Procedure to Lighten my Dark Lips?

Hi i'm Asian and i have very dark lips. I want to get rid of the darkness of my lips and get a more lighter pink lips. I am wondering if... READ MORE

Accidently Bleached Lips? (photo)

Hi, 4 and a half months ago, my partner was cleaning cups with bleach and he used it liberally. I drank some water out of one of the cups and felt an... READ MORE

How to Lighten Dark Lips? (photo)

I have really dark lips. I want them to be pink. I've tread every thing that is otc, nothing has worked significantly. Is there a procedure that can... READ MORE

I'm Suffering So Much for my Dark Lips. It Harms my Beauty. I Want Remedies for Dark Lips? (photo)

From my childhood i like to use lip stick.And From that time i noticed my lips was getting dark and dry.Now i'm suffering from that.It hams my beauty. READ MORE

Dark Color Lips Around Edges? (photo)

I have dark lips before. Just 2months ago i put braces and i notice that the corner of my lips having dark look like part of my lips but its... READ MORE

How to Lighten Upper Lip Darkened by Skin Bleach?

Hi, I have used Jolen skin bleach for years. Now my skin on my upper lip is darkened how can I fix it?  I am Spanish and my upper lip looks like... READ MORE

What Cause Dark Corner of the Lips? (photo)

These past couple of months the corner of my lips turn dark. There are dryness and a little skin peeling on the lips corner. I've tried changing my... READ MORE

How to Make my Dark Lips Turn Pink?

I have really dark lips eventhough I was born with pink lips. I dont smoke, I do have PCOS and I exfoliate my lips every morning and wear vaseline. I... READ MORE

My Lip Has Gone Black Due to Smoking, How Can I Get It Back To Original Color?

My lips have gone black..another problem has croped up I had boil in center of the lower lip..after boil is gone..lip colour has gone to natural lip... READ MORE

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