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Possibly to Repair Damage Caused by Skin Bleaching?

I have used a bleaching agent containing two percent hydroquinone by palmers and i fear that my skin has been excessively damaged.It's not as... READ MORE

I have been bleaching my skin for a very long time. Can I Reverse the Effects of Bleached Skin?

I have been bleaching my skn for a very long time now and have progressed up to the strongest bleaching gel available. I fear I have now damaged my... READ MORE

Skin is Thin After Using Bleaching Products - Thin Skin Skin Lightening

Sadly i have or i should say was using some bleaching products for quite a while i notice my skin is very thin now especially under the eyes can u... READ MORE

Can you repair damage to skin caused by bleaching cream?

I have bleaching my skin for a long time.Can i reversed into back what it was before?. READ MORE

I want to stop using lemonvate cream, but it seems impossible. What can I do?

How do I stop using lemonvate cream without a dermatologist? I've been using lemonvate cream for 2 years now,but it is not treating me well, I even... READ MORE

How can I reverse this damage done by 4% hydroquinone?

I have been using a ache spot treatment that contains 4% hydroquinone i have observed that the area that i applies was very dry almost scaly and very... READ MORE

Can it be remove? What are the treatments to remove the dark marks cause by the depilatory cream? (photos)

Before , I used a depilatory cream to get rid of unwanted hair in the right lower quadrant of my bumm. Unfortunately the Cream burns and damaged my... READ MORE

How can I lighting my skin tone?

Over the years my skin has received so much damage, that it is so many different colors. I want to lighting it with out looking like a different person READ MORE

How Can I Treat Whitening Damages Caused by Bleach Creams? (photo)

I was using a bleaching agent to lighten dark spots on my face due to years of acne. I had dark spots scattered all over my face, so I applied the... READ MORE

I Used Fem Bleach Which Contains Ammonia Bicarbonate I Used It More Than 12 times Now I Feel my Skin is Damaged? I have acne.

Are there any measures to reversal the damage i have acne also what should i do to get back my skin color back im fair in complexion and fem bleach... READ MORE

Can melarase am and pm be applied on underarms ?

My underarms are extremely damaged with dark patches and dark colored ! I would like to know if it will help in clearing all the dark patches and how... READ MORE

Can my damaged skin get better after bleaching cream ?

I used a bleaching cream for 1 month for 8 month ago, i got for These 8 month rashes and redness of the skin , before my skin was smooth. READ MORE

Mixed baking soda and Calamansi, a Philippine lime fruit is safe for the skin?

Is mixed baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and calamnsi (citrofortunella microcarpa) safe for the skin? I am planning to apply it to my hands, feet,... READ MORE

Is there is any treatment for damaged skin caused by hydroquinone?

I use hydroquinone 2 %...& now u feel my skin is totally damaged...i can't use any face wash or sunscreen...if I use its causes deep irritation... READ MORE

How can I get softer, smoother skin, and fix any possible bleaching damage? (Photo)

I have previously bleached my skin and may need extra care to get softer,smoother prettier skin with an even skin tone READ MORE

Dermamelan to lighten sun spots- permanent skin damage?

Can prolonged use ( 4 months) of Dermamelan on arms/forearms/thighs cause permanent skin damage?I did use it this long and observe dermis 'loss' on... READ MORE

Is there a way to lighten your whole body without harming your skin?

I am a African American I am Brown skinned not light brown skinned dark brown skinned and I wanna become lighter than I am is there anyway I can... READ MORE

What kind of damage do you get from bleaching? (Photo)

What kind of damage do you get from bleaching READ MORE

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