Computerized Sinus Surgery (GRAPHIC)

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Tips to Speed up Recovery After Surgery

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Laser Guided Calibration of the Sinus Patient

The latest Brainlab navigational technology at Dr Scaccia's Riverside Center that allows 1mm precision accuracy during surgery VIEW NOW

Intraoperative Computerized Cat Scan Guided Sinus Surgery

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Complications of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

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Can a Nose Job Improve My Breathing?

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What to Expect During Your Nasal Consultation

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"Do I Have to Wear This Mask Forever?" — Hear What Made These People Breathe Easier

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Trouble Breathing Through Your Nose? Learn About This 30-Minute Procedure

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Balloon Sinuplasty: How It Treats Chronic Sinusitis

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The Doctor Talks About Sinus Surgery and Symptoms

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What Are the Sinuses?

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See What Happens During a Sinus Exam

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Learn About a New Treatment For Sinusitis

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Treat Pressure and Pain With Balloon Sinus Surgery — See the Simulation

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