Silicone Injection Removal

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Silicone injection removal requires surgery (sometimes more than one), which may include liposuction or removal of the affected tissue. Silicone—often used in buttock, breast, or lip augmentations—can be difficult to remove due to deformities, nodules, dimpling, infections, and tissue inflammation. Because silicone injections can spread to surrounding tissue, removing all of it is nearly impossible. Removal may also result in scarring.

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Silicone Injections Removal. Dallas, TX

Hello, I had this mess injected in me over 11 year ago in small amounts over a years time. I've been looking for a Dr to remove it. Dr Mri is giving me the run around, Dr G price keep going up. And I can't trust some of these reviews. So I'm here to get my health back, with photos, reviews, and... READ MORE

Removal Silicon Shots by Dr. Tansar Mir / New York

I'm literally out if my 2nd surgery and wanted to share a few points that I didn't even consider myself prior to surgery. Ladies - this surgery is BIG...and I'm not talking about the incision. The whole procedure is major which means you need to prepare emotionally and physically for this... READ MORE

Silicone Removal from butt

I have had injections done since New Years Day of 2015 and I went twice to get it done in Texas. I went two weeks after the first time to get it done again. I had so much put in me because it hurt so bad I moved so much that when the injectors were putting it in my butt it caused my butt to not... READ MORE

Finally Seeing the Light at the End of the Tunnel. Colombia, CO

I am preparing for surgery this coming January with Dr. Carlos Rios. I am going to be removing silicone I had years ago. I am quite nervous as this is a major surgery. I don't know what to expect in terms of recovery. I can tell you all a little bit about my growing symptoms over the years. I... READ MORE

Need help to remove silicone from face!!!

Hello! I'm just an average guy from FL, many years ago, I had liquid silicon injected into my face exactly in 2007 when I was 24 because I wanted to look more fem and I thought at the time it was the best thing to do. I had my cheeks forehead laugh lines chin and under eyes done. I regret ever... READ MORE

Want my Life Back!

In 2006, I had met with a woman who was reccommended, for celulite & stretch matk treatments on my buttoks. I remember being a bit scared because after we had discussed previous times what she would inyect in my body, I also had done research online, but this was only being done in the... READ MORE

Sillicone Injection Removel - Spain

Hello a very long ago I made the mistake of having butt injections I was very young and the Dr who did it told me it will go in two years .. I regretted doing it every day specially when the symptoms accurEd I had itchiness pain I couldn't sit and sleep on my back I had my right leg always... READ MORE

Biopolymer/Silicone Removal - Colombia

I had removal of silicone this past Tuesday with Dr. Rios in Cali Colombia. He did a wonderful job and made sure to make all incisions where they can be covered with panties. I have one incision going across my lower back right above my butt and one on each side of hips where he had to cut out... READ MORE

Silicon Injections!!!! The Big Mistake of my Life. - Boca Raton , FL

Let's start, I meet Dr Gallerani through the web after my pain and discomfort began on October 2015. I am blessed I meet him because he shows caring and make me feel secure to begin this difficult process in my life. Today is 11/20/15, I am home and Resting with my health back. Learning... READ MORE

Silicone Injections Removal - Miami, FL

I went to doctor gallerani a few months back to have prior silicone removed from my buttock area. i was fortunate enough to not have any discolorization or redness but i did know i was doing damage to my body and i was starting to have inflammation and felt the uncomfortable when sitting long... READ MORE

Silicone Buttock Injection Removal - Brownsville, TX

I can’t even put into words how many nights I spent hour after hour searching for topics on “fixing” bad silicone butt injections. There are quite a bit of stories of remorse for getting the injections but not many stories of a solution to the problem. So my plan is to share my journey in hopes... READ MORE

Silicone/biopolymer Removal - Manhasset, NY

In 2011, 2012, 2013 I had went out of the country for "PMMA" buttock injections. To my knowledge it was a safe injection that was FDA approved just not in large quantities (hence why I went to Colombia and Mexico) for the injections (red flag I know) but I was desperate and didn't really see... READ MORE

Silicone Removal - New York, NY

Well today I had called around to get a bbl, but something hit me, I need to make my life and health a priority first before anything. So I am having a corrective surgery done...I have silicone stuff in my booty a mistake I made in need to explain....and I have scheduled consultation... READ MORE

28 Years Old, Had Butt Injections Since 2008, Went to Dr. Carlos Alberto Rios in Colombia to Get the Silicone Removed. Cali, CO

Hola a todos! Tengo 28 años, y en el 2008 cometí el error más grande de mi vida,me puse silicona en los glúteos (pmma) con una señora Dominica que vino a mi casa a inyectarme ese producto. Pague $600.00 dólares por cada nalga, en total pague $1200.00 dólares por dos taza (una taza en cada nalga)... READ MORE

Silicone Removal: My Honest Experience with Dr. Antun, Dr Mir, and Dr. Rios.

My experience went like this: I went to a woman in Florida to have injections in my butt in 2009, and paid $500...the next day, it traveled to my ankle. The woman told me to elevate my leg, and it would go never did. I started having pain in 2010, which was right in my butt...but I... READ MORE

Silicone Butt Injections, Don't Do It.....But if You Have, There is Hope!!! - Miami, FL

I am writing this review because I made a promise to God. I told God that if he would help me correct this mistake (which I consider the biggest mistake of my life) I would share my story with others to possibly help someone or help change the mind of someone that wants this done. I live in... READ MORE

28 Biopolymers Removal by Dr. Carlos Rios - Cali, CO

I just got surgery by dr Rios and I just want to say he is sent by God I can't stop crying , he made me feel human again my hips was so hard , now I feel and look so much better, he removed this silicone poison out of me with ease no scarring pics up soon, right now I'm scared to take my girdle... READ MORE

silicone bilateral buttocks removal (oily substance) - Atlanta, GA

I received butt injections years ago with an unknown substance. The substance has begin to harden and move up towards my back. I am getting it surgically removed(cut out) by dr. Julian gordon(atlanta, ga. He is going in through the crack of my butt, to prevent scarring. I will have a indent in... READ MORE

Removal of Biopolimers in Cali Colombia

After many tears and full blown depression I finally took the courage to move forward. I researched the heck out of the internet and I finally found the doctor whom I believe is the best for me. The only set back is this doctor happens to be in another country. Not that I'm against doctors from... READ MORE

Dr Tansar Mir Saved my Life - Manhattan, NY

I didn't want to post my pics but I felt it was important to put my story out there for those ladies that are going through my same situation and can't find help. In October of 2013 I made the sad mistake of getting silicon injections. I really did think it wouldn't happen to me, I wouldn't... READ MORE

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