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Would a Septoplasty Make the Tip of my Nose Look Straight and Make my Nostrils Look More Symmetrical?

I believe I have a deviated septum, as my nostrils appear to be different sizes and I find it difficult to breathe through the right one. I have been... READ MORE

Why is my Nose So Wide After Septorhinoplasty? Will This Change or is It Ruined Forever?

I got my cast off today after a septorhinoplasty which involved a spreader graft on the right side and an incredibly conservative hump removal (of my... READ MORE

Uneven Nostrils, but Yet I Don't Have Breathing Problems but I Need my Caudal Septum to Be Straight? (photo)

Please I want to know what procedure needs to be done in my nose for my nostrils to look symmetrically the same, I know septoplasty will make the... READ MORE

One nostril is wider than the other and it affects my smile/ frown lines. Do I Have a Deviated Septum? (photo)

If not, what rhinoplasty procedure would be best for me? One nostril is wider than the other and it affects my smile/ frown lines. My nose looks... READ MORE

Will my Nostrils Stay Uneven After Septorhinoplasty? (photo)

I had a septorhinoplasty done 1 wk ago after years of being unhappy with my uneven nostrils and bulbous tip. I am due to have the cast off in 3 days... READ MORE

Bad Proportions After Septorhinoplasty? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty about a year ago and have noticed 2 things refer to P1 ) My nostrils are odd sizes and overall structure appears to be uneven refer... READ MORE

Sixteen Weeks Post-Op and Left Nostril is Driving Me Insane. How Can I Help Reduce Swelling?

16 wks post-op (septoplasty, osteotomy, graft). I know complete results are not achieved for up to 1 yr. But, my left nostril is still very swollen at... READ MORE

I have uneven nostrils and a bump on my right inside nostril. I had a septoplasty 3 years ago. Is this normal? (photo)

You can see the front inside edge is uneven and the bump behind it. The bump goes from the front tip of my nose to the mid portion. It's probably a... READ MORE

What does a septoplasty do for a deviated septum and the shape of the tip of the nose? (Photo)

I have a deviated septum curving to the right of my nose. my right nostril is larger than my left and hangs closer to my lip then the left. Also from... READ MORE

Two weeks post septoplasty. Trouble breathing, still very swollen and asymmetrical nostrils. Any suggestions? (photos)

So it's been two weeks since my septoplasty. My nostrils are still very asymmetrical and swollen. When will it return to normal? What can I do to... READ MORE

Can the septum move back out of place?

I had a septorhinoplasty procedure performed on 22/07. After the operation, my septum appeared to be significantly straightened and my nostrils equal.... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for septoplasty? And if I do get the surgery will it even out my nostrils? (Photo)

Ever since i could remember I've had problems breathing through my nose but lately it's becoming more bothersome.I find myself only able to breathe... READ MORE

I have had septoplasty 12 days back and look like a pig with uneven nostrils. Will this change?

 I hve had septoplasty 12 days back and look like a pig wth uneven nostrils. will this change. I'm totally depressed and horror plus my smile has changed. READ MORE

Are my nostrils two different sizes because of the swelling I still have? (Photo)

My septoplasty was last June, it is about 11 months since I had it. I feel like my right nostril is smaller than my left nostril.My left side is... READ MORE

I had a septoplasty 2 years ago following an injured nose, I think my nose is botched. (Photo)

What can be done? The nose is very crooked with uneven nostrils. Can I ask the doctor for a revision (haven't spoken in 2 years) READ MORE

Left Nostril Small, I Get Chest Muscle Pain Sometimes, No Full Breath, Do I Need Septoplasty? (photo)

I have small left nostril , i don't get full breath, right notstril is good. Some times i get left side chest muscle pain and goes off after some... READ MORE

What are the steps to find a certified ENT to perform an insurance covered septoplasty? (photo)

My airways are uneven in airflow and i can actually feel my cartilage cracked near my nostrils, causing a noticeable dent near the tip. Being only 18,... READ MORE

What should I do about the deviated ear cartilage graft in my nasal tip?

I had septoplasty with auricular cartilage graft 8 days ago. The graft is pushing my top lip down slightly and poking against inside of my left... READ MORE

How likely is it for my nostrils to become more symmetrical in the coming weeks/months? (Photo)

I visited with 5 double-board certified surgeons in Manhattan and decided upon one whom I felt would do a better job with the aesthetic side of my... READ MORE

Uneven nostrils and bump inside one nostril. Can this be fixed? (Photo)

English in my second language so im not sure how to explain but i have some kind of bump on glean inside one of my nostril that makes uneven apiriance... READ MORE

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