Can the septum move back out of place?

I had a septorhinoplasty procedure performed on 22/07. After the operation, my septum appeared to be significantly straightened and my nostrils equal. However, while My nose is still straight, my nostrils appear to be different now and the septum is sticking out from where it had been straightened. I don't know if this always was the case but disguised by blood or whether me trying to clean my nose has ruined the result. My appointment is in 3 days with my surgeon, is there anything I should do?

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Septum moved out of place after rhinoplasty

Every rhinoplasty patient is different. In general revision rhinoplasty should be performed by a rhinoplasty surgeon with significant revision experience. Although you don't present photos, it appears that you lack structural septal support which is necessary to replace in addition to supporting the lower lateral cartilages. 

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