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How Long Until I Can Sneeze Through my Nose After a Septoplasty?

I had a septoplasty performed one week ago. I have allergies & a very sensitive nose which causes me to sneeze quite often. Sneezing through my... READ MORE

Why Can't I Stop Sneezing After Septoplasty and Turbinectomy?

Hi, I recently had a septoplasty, turbinectomy and rhinoplasty one month ago. This was because I couldn't breath at night. I'm doing the nasal... READ MORE

Sneezed Through my Nose 12 Days After Septorhinoplasty

Oops I was making my kids sandwiches and, I sneezed without any warning and forgot myself and sneezed through the nose. It wasn't a big sneeze.... READ MORE

Accidentally Sneezing 3 Weeks After Septorhinoplasty?

I have been really good about sneezing through my mouth instead of my nose after my surgery, per surgeon's instructions.I accidentally just sneezed... READ MORE

1 Month Post-Op Septoplasty Question?

It's been one month since I had septoplasty, bilateral inferior turbinoplasty, and bilateral maxillary sinus antrostomy surgery. My nose runs all day... READ MORE

Sneezed but didn't sneeze through my mouth, after Septoplasty. Would this damage what has been done?

I had z plasty left nostril alar cartilage Wednesday 19th March 2014 (11 days ago) had a stitch removed & a clean up Wednesday 26th March 2014 (4 days... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty/septoplasty Just over a Month Ago and I'm Sneezing Nonstop?

And all of yesterday and today I have been sneezing non stop! Has my surgery caused allergies that I will now have permanently or have I just got the... READ MORE

I sneezed, I couldn't help it and it feels like the stents in my nose are coming out. What should I do?

I recently had septoplasty surgery. I'm not scheduled to get the stents removed for 4 days. Every time I talk the stents vibrate which makes me want... READ MORE

I'm due to have septoplasty and turbinate reduction on Monday, and I have a bad cold. Should I postpone my surgery?

It's now Thursday and the surgery is on Monday and I have just got a pretty bad cold . I may be OK by Monday but I am very stuffy (more than usual!)... READ MORE

I think a stitch ripped inside my nose near my septum when I sneezed, 5 days post sinus surgery, septoplasty.

So, my follow up went well today. My surgeon used no stents and he used the absorb-able gel in my nose instead of traditional packing. But as I went... READ MORE

Post septoplasty: is this OK? I blew my nose and this came out (Photo)

I had surgery on my septum, sinus, and throat about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I had my stint pulled out of my nose about 1 week ago. I've recently had a hard... READ MORE

Day after Septoplasty, sneezing the packing out of my nose?

This morning I had a major sneezing fit, I'm about 20 hours post septoplasty. I've got a follow up with my surgeon in about 5 hours but I can tell the... READ MORE

Is there anything that could cause your nose to feel like you are always on the verge of a sneeze?

The mucosa in my left nares feels like it is irritated or something is in it all the time. This leaves me feeling like I am always about to sneeze.... READ MORE

Sneezing and crying after septoplasty

Hi, so i had my septoplasty operation just 2 days ago. After the operation i was fine, no pain at all but the next morning the sneezing wouldn't stop.... READ MORE

I always feel my uvula touching the back of my throat at area. It is very frustrating and hard to concentrate on anything

I had surgery as a 13 year old turbenectomy/ Septum surgery and my nose collapsed. I have had 4 surgeries since then to reconstruct it and now have... READ MORE

Sneezing after septorhinoplasty. I never had this before

Hi my septorhinoplasty was a month ago and the last few days I'm sneezing a lot. I havnt got a cold and sometimes happens without warning. I never had... READ MORE

Since my reconstruction, I can't sneeze through my nose. When I sneeze, I can feel it get redirected to out my soft palate.

My turbinates got removed and i have a tiny hole on the inner lining of the nose near the tip. That s the only area i can breathe thru and blow my... READ MORE

2 months post septoplasty, turbinate reduction, and rhinoplasty. Bleeding in one nostril while I cleaned?

5 days ago i started noticing a little blood when i snizze, and when i clean mi nose with cotton swab (deep) the tips come out with fresh red blood, i... READ MORE

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