Why Can't I Stop Sneezing After Septoplasty and Turbinectomy?

Hi, I recently had a septoplasty, turbinectomy and rhinoplasty one month ago. This was because I couldn't breath at night. I'm doing the nasal irrigation flushes everyday as recommended. After the surgery until now which is 3 weeks post op, I find that I sneeze a few times a day which never used to happen. I have moderate eye bags though my eyes do not water. My nose feels sensitive at times. Apparently the whole two turbinates were resected. I'm not allergic to anything. What's going on?

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Try to Sneeze Through Your Mouth and Schedule a Follow-Up Consultation

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Considering you are about three weeks into your recovery, light to moderate sneezing should not pose a great risk to your healing process. What you are experiencing is in fact unusual- still, as long as you are not excessively sneezing, there shouldn’t be a problem. Try to control the severity of your sneezes as much as possible, and try not to overthink the situation as there may be a psychological trigger to the sneezing. Also, it is important that you concentrate the sneeze through the mouth to the greatest of your ability. In this way, the recovery of your nose will remain largely uninterrupted. My best advice would be to schedule a follow up visit with your surgeon, and to get your condition evaluated in person.

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