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Kenalog Injections Alone Do Not Seem to Be Helping Excessive Mucus in Saliva. Would Adding FU 5 Increase Chances of Success?

Had 2 Sculptra injections Fall 2011. Had 4 tooth bridge in March 2012. immediately developed large granulomas inside cheeks. Been on antibiotics for 9... READ MORE

How do I get rid of this "lobe" on my jawline? (Photo)

This was created in a "pinch" procedure. A doctor didn't want to completely flatten a fatty dermal lump so it was pinched and some skin excised off... READ MORE

Why do some doctors say kenalog can be used to help decrease collagen from sculptra and others say no?

I have an overfill in my lower face and am desperate to decrease. I don't feel like myself and I can't stand to go like this for 2 years. My lower... READ MORE

How to recognize nodules, lumps and granulomas caused by sculptra? (Photo)

I'm 3months out of 1 vial of sculptra ,its my first treatment. I don't like the results so that I've got two kenalog injections to reduce volume. K... READ MORE

Will Kenalog Help with Inflammed Saliva Glands?

Developed nodules inside cheeks as result of Sculptra. Most nodules have been excised but experiencing excessive saliva with incipient Mucus release?... READ MORE

Can kenalog shots for Sculptra cause weight gain?

I need to get kenalog shots to help dissolve the sculptra on my face. Ive already have two shots the next would be in 6 weeks . Will those shots cause... READ MORE

How do I know if I was injected into Sculptra or something else like ArteFill? (Photo)

7 months ago I was injected only 1 vial Sculptra by a board certified plastic surgeon and this was my first injection . I'm very disfigured and I can... READ MORE

Besides kenalog /steriod shots, is there any other way to minimize lumps caused by Sculptra?

I'm 3 months post first sculptra injection, but this morning I found two large and hard lumps on cheeks, I feel painful when push them. according to... READ MORE

several steroid shots, add 5fu shot recently but no response at all. Why?Delayed response?

I was disfigured by 1 vial sculptra 6 months ago since the injection proportion was not correct . At the third months I've been injected several... READ MORE

How can kenalog, 5FU, and collegenase be used to reverse the effects of Sculptra? And what is 5FU?

First of all what is 5FU? How can it, collegenase, or kenalog be used to reverse effects of sculptra? What is the best way to find a practitioner who... READ MORE

What is the success rate with diluted kenalog/F5U and dissolving Sculptra?

I understand it is primarily used for nodules but have heard it can help in cases with overfill/collagen overgrowth and has quite a good success rate.... READ MORE

Terrible Sculptra results! Have to get Kenalog shot every two weeks!

I'm 3.5 months post my first sculptra treatment(1 vial) now but the swelling, lumps and also pain never go away. My injector gave me some kenalog... READ MORE

How long should I have to wait before I see the effects of kenalog shots? When will sculptra stop building volume?

It's 4 months after my first sculptra treatment ,with 1 vial. Not in a right hand so I was disfigured. I've got several kenalog shots to break down t... READ MORE

I am wondering if I should try kenalog to reverse effects from sculptra?

Would you recommend that I find a practitioner who would use kenalog to reverse the effects of sculptra? READ MORE

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