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How to Avoid Sculptra Bumps?

I had Sculptra injected under my eyes yesterday.  Is there anything I can do to ensure no bumps will form?  If they do, is therea way to get... READ MORE

Large Lump with Ingrown Hair After Newfill

I had an xo Peel performed in the south of France to remove acne scars. The doctor also gave me Sculptra (NewFill) in each cheek. Four years, later... READ MORE

Hard Bumps After Sculptra on Forehead

I had the injection done on my temples and forehead about 11 days ago. After the swelling and bruising went away, I was left with two very hard and... READ MORE

How to Treat Sculptra Bumps?

How long do the sculptra bumps last and what is the treatment for the bumps.? READ MORE

What Makeup Techniques Can I Use to Cover Up Sculptra Lumps?

My body had a reaction to the Sculptra. Under my left eye are now three large visible bumps and the thin skin in between the lumps now has large... READ MORE

Delayed Bumps Developed Six Months After Sculptra - Why?

I had 3 1/2 sessions of Scultra and was completely bump free for six months following final treatment. Literally over night a large number of bumps... READ MORE

Safer Option for Sunken Under Eyes Other Than Sculptra?

I'm concerned about Sculptra bumps/lumps under my eyes. I'm scheduled to have Sculptra done on the 3rd. I'm concerned about the horror stories,... READ MORE

Are Sculptra Bumps Permanent?

I have bumps under both eyes, with a lot of granulomas. Are these permanent, or is there any treatment that might help dissolve/minimize them? READ MORE

How to Find the Best Sculptra Injector in Ottawa?

I tried Sculptra and was very, very pleased, however, I do not like the bumps it has left on my chin. I have been told by the dermatologist who did... READ MORE

Help with Sculptra Bumps and Skin Wrinkling

I had Sculptra injected 5 months ago. I have bumps with wrinkling and scarring on the surface of my skin. It gets worse every day, and even manifests... READ MORE

Sculptra was injected in my mouth 20 months ago by board certified derm creating jowls/hard bumps. What are my options? (Photo)

Could someone recommend a doctor with experience removing sculptra from inside the mouth? I live in Florida, but I will travel anywhere to get the... READ MORE

I had sculptra and now have pea size bumps. Any suggestions?

The doctor injected saline into them 3 days ago. So far still there. READ MORE

How to recognize nodules, lumps and granulomas caused by sculptra? (Photo)

I'm 3months out of 1 vial of sculptra ´╝îits my first treatment. I don't like the results so that I've got two kenalog injections to reduce volume. K... READ MORE

Will the nodules in my cheeks ever go away on their own? And what exactly are the bumps and lumps in my cheeks?

I have had a total of 6 vials of Sculptra over the last two years. After about 4-6 months after the last one...I started getting a line of vertical... READ MORE

I developed Sculptra bumps on my face. Is there an at-home method of treatment or self resolved? (Photo)

Are these sculptra bump or did I just develop a bad case of hormonal acne? I received Scuptra 2/13/17 by board certified doc, I followed the massaging... READ MORE

I have an autoimmune. Radiesse gave me lumps-trying to correct through Sculptra. Am I misinformed?

Used Restylene in the past with great success. Very stressful year/lost weight. Developed an autoimmune-dermatomyositis. Absorbed Rystelene in 4 weeks... READ MORE

Bumps appeared around tear drop area the very day that the 2nd vial of Sculptra was injected

I have had 2 vials of injections of sculpture 4 weeks apart. The results were very nice after the 1st vial. After the 2nd vial however, on the day of... READ MORE

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