What Makeup Techniques Can I Use to Cover Up Sculptra Lumps?

My body had a reaction to the Sculptra. Under my left eye are now three large visible bumps and the thin skin in between the lumps now has large vertical lines. My regular makeup and undereye concealer do not work because it get stuck in these big new cracks. Since the bumps are raised, I haven't been able to cover them either with base makeup.

Have you heard of any way to cover them up with makeup of any sort? Is there a product that helps? What type of moisturizer can I use on the new deep lines so I don't feel this is now the first thing a person notices when they look at me?

Any suggestions, you may have heard of might help. Any cosmetic cover-up for under the eyes. Any good moisturizers because the ones I used before, don't moisten the cracks. Thanks.

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First step for sculptra bumps

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Something that has worked for me when I have a patient who has been sent to me to fix scupltra bumps is to try a small steroid injection. Intuitively I would imagine that this would work best shortly after the procedure but I have reduced nodules 1-2 years out. One could argue that some of the steroid is causing fat atrophy and the bump is going down because the fat around the bump is reducing not the scupltra bump itself, however if that was the case the bump would be palpable but not visible at the least whic is not the case. I would try that first and depending on the location I would have a specialist remove the bumps near the eyelid. That can be done through the inside of the eyelid. It may give you a permanent solution before visiting a hollywood makeup artist. 

Denver Oculoplastic Surgeon

Sculptra nodules

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Thankfully, most Sculptra nodules are not visible to most lay people. If you have a prominent nodularity, unfortunately, no make up will effectively cover up a protruded bump. Work with your board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon Sculptra injector and the bumps should go down with scar massage, subcision and/or intralesional steroid injection.

William Ting, MD
Bay Area Dermatologic Surgeon
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Merle Norman

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You might have to go to a professional make up artist and learn some techniques to cover it up effectively. Merle Norman stores do good make up. You can also ask around in your local salons and spas for good make up artist.

Over time, the lumps should get better. These can sometimes be treated with mild kenalog (a steroid injection) to reduce the size. Discuss this with your physician.


Tanveer Janjua, MD
Bedminster Facial Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 126 reviews

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