How to Find the Best Sculptra Injector in Ottawa?

I tried Sculptra and was very, very pleased, however, I do not like the bumps it has left on my chin. I have been told by the dermatologist who did the original Sculptra procedure that the bump risk is no longer a concern as the Sculptra will be diluted more or something like that--cannot remember exactly what she said. However, Sculptra is very unpredictable. How do I find the best doctor who specializes in my city (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)?

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Finding a great injector

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One of the best way is to talk to others that have had the procedure you want. If you do not know of any, talk to several providers and ask them if they can give you names and numbers of patients who would be willing to talk to them about the procedure and what to expect. My patients are always willing to discuss their treatments. If a provider is not willing to give out their patient references, I would consider that to be a red flag for that provider.

I hope that helps!

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Best Sculptra Injector

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You should go to and call all the listed doctors in your area. Then call them to find out which one of them works as an instructor (trainer) for the company to teach other doctors.


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