2 Months Post-op + Sculptra

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Will I Get Sculptra Nodules or Granulomas 9 weeks After Injection?

I am 9 weeks after sculptra, eye area is still swollen with edema and the area looks white in color. i went to another derm who said both the sculptra... READ MORE

Sculptra Volume After 3rd Treatment?

I had 3rd Sculptra session 2 mos. ago. How much more volumizing can I expect at this time (as a % of total volume)? Thank you! READ MORE

Sculptra and Dexamethasone Question?

I had to take Dexamethasone 4mg for oral surgery. Only ended up taking one dose as it had a negative reaction. Will it affect the Sculptra I had done... READ MORE

Can I use collagenase injection to dissolve Sculptra(or new collagen)?

It's almost 9 weeks after my first Sculptra injection, I don't have lumps or nodules but just very depressed with too much volume added.(just got 1... READ MORE

What can I do to correct this bad outcome around my marionette areas? (photos)

I had sculptra injected January 20, 2016 two viles all around my face (temples, cheeks, jaw line), and two more viles injected on March 4th, 2016. On... READ MORE

Prednisone 8 weeks after sculptra. Will it hamper my result? Should I wait a year to see if swelling improves?

My doctor has prescribed me a 3 week tapered course of prednisolone to help with prolonged tip swelling 9 months post rhinoplasty (from 50mg down to... READ MORE

I'm 8 weeks post Sculptra. Is it normal to have swelling and puffiness at this stage?

This was my first injection and 1 vial has been injected to cheeks , smile lines and also lower face. But my face looks very puffy on some days and... READ MORE

13 weeks after Sculptra. When can I expect the sculptra to stop working?

I had sculptra done on my cheeks 13 weeks a go. ... 18 Dec 2015 3 months post I had sculptra done on my cheeks 13 weeks a go. It has been working ok... READ MORE

I'm 37 yrs old & in April I had 1st session of Sculptra (target sunken area under & around eyes). Had 3rd session on July 27th.

Now it's September 29 & notice no results except I suddenly look worse. It seems overnight I developed tear troughs and terrible crepey skin. I need... READ MORE

When should I see Sculptra results in temples?

I got one vial just for my temples 2 mo ago. Then 2nd vial for just the temples one month ago. So now 2 months later my temples show no sign of... READ MORE

2 months out of Sculptra, but swelling every morning! Do I have an infection?

8 weeks out of Sculptra, 1 vial of product had been injected into my cheeks,smile lines,and lower face. It was my first treatment. But every morning I... READ MORE

After Sculptra Injection I Got an Ugly Eyebags Are So Distressing Me? (photo)

Fter Sculptra injection , the second day , I found i got an ugly eyebags are so distressing me and it make me look more old as before infection.... READ MORE

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