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Sculptra Aesthetic is an FDA-approved injectable that's used to treat mild to severe facial wrinkles. Unlike other injectables that fill wrinkles, Sculptra Aesthetic is made from a poly-L-lactic acid that stimulates the body's natural production of collagen over time. The treatment typically involves three injection sessions over the course of three to four months, and results can last for up to two years. LEARN MORE ›

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3 Sessions, 2 Vials Each - AMAZING! - San Antonio, TX

My jaw is a bit misaligned which resulted in one side of my face looking a bit more hollow than the other as I got older (I am 44 now). I ended up with a good side and a bad side. On my bad side I developed an ugly jowl. I looked more sad and old than I felt. Initially I inquired about fat... READ MORE

60 Years Old and in Need of a Better Appearance - Grosse Pointe, MI

My motivation was to have the sagging and empty areas on my cheeks improved. It makes me look older than I like and causes excessive skin folds at the mouth and chin area. The procedure took care of these concerns and I love how I look. It's amazing. I cannot think of any con other than I will... READ MORE

Sculptra and Dysport with Dr. Vu Ho of Plano - Plano, TX

Dr. Ho is amazing and really takes his time with his patients! His practice is first class and very comfortable. His team is also amazing, friendly and wonderful and make you feel so at ease the minute you enter his practice. I feel so much more comfortable knowing and having the educated... READ MORE

Facial Skin Cancer Radiation Scar Sculptra Filling - Iowa City, IA

Dr. Henstrom has been instrumental in my endeavor of facial reconstruction following skin cancer radiation treatments on my cheek. Dr. Henstrom's expertise has proved to be invaluable in navigating a path of various treatment procedures. As new treatment options and products have become... READ MORE

Best Dermatologist in San Diego - Solana Beach, CA

I had taken the time to consult with several Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeons in the San Diego & OC areas regarding Sculptra and fillers. I felt most women looked over "filled" and felt Sculptra may be the more natural approach, however after reading many reviews , I realized Sculptra is... READ MORE

Loving the Results of Sculptra – Dr. Kimberly Finder - San Antonio, TX

Dr. Finder is amazing with so many procedures, but my personal favorite is Sculptra. Dr. Finder takes the time to analyze your facial structure and features before recommending any type of procedure and encourages you to take small steps, which may take multiple visits, but I believe this is... READ MORE

51 Year Old Women with a Lot of Volume Loss in Cheeks - West Palm Beach, FL

I wanted to look younger, less sunken in as I had lost a lot of volume in my face. I was concerned about looking unnatural and puffy but I was thrilled after each treatment. The results are completely natural I look so much younger. Dr. Vandenbosch is extremely talented at what she does I highly... READ MORE

Really Pleasant Experience - Wayne, NJ

I've taken several procedures by Dr. wise, eye lid, voluma, sculptra and Belotero. Dr. Wise is very smart and skillful, I found I don't have bruising, swelling after the surgery, the result is good. Although price is not cheapest here, but I feel very safe and comfortable. Will stick to this... READ MORE

Sculptra - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Great doctor with an amazing eye. The experience was great, everything from booking the appointment to the experience with the office staff to the doctor himself. He has a great eye for creating a really natural look and makes the entire experience stress free. I would recommend friends and... READ MORE

33 Years Old, Tired Face - Summit, NJ

Dr. Soni was wonderful! During my procedure he walked me through step by step what to expect. I had mild swelling/bruising and had minimal discomfort during the procedure. I had wonderful results, my temporal and cheek regions which looked "sunken in" and atrophic, now have a natural fullness. I... READ MORE

brazilian butt lift with no down time, no surgery! amazing results - Henderson, NV

I had 20 vials of sculptra injected into my butt. There was no down time for this. It was just an in office injections and I was able to drive home immediately I can't tell you enough good about this practice. It was worth every penny. I've been to many consultations in town and many in... READ MORE

I Look and Feel Younger and Fuller Face - Newburgh, NY

I found Dr. Rubinstein on RealSelf so I felt it appropriate to leave a review here. In October of last year, I saw Dr. Rubinstein for Sculptra. Now, I really am content my fuller, youthful looking face. The procedure filled my gaunt look. Dr. Rubinstein gets my highest recommendation. I... READ MORE

Highly Recommend Dr Fabi at CLDerm - San Diego, CA

I've been seeing Dr Fabi for two years. Absolutely love her! She did sculptra on my temples and cheek line and under nose to correct my face imbalance. My face looks lifted and balanced now after the treatment. Dr Fabi is very creative and professional! She has good eyes and correct things... READ MORE

61 Years Young - Columbus, OH

Dr Harper is super impressive and highly skillful. I could not be happier with the initial results of my first Sculptra treatment, especially knowing the transformation is over time! I am confident in a more youthful, yet very natural look. Can't wait for the follow up treatment. Totally... READ MORE

Dr. Sadick is an Artist - New York

Due to a loss of volume in my face, I recently had Sculptra injected by Dr. Sadick. I cannot say enough about Dr. S's artistry, professionalism, expertise and knowledge. His office is staffed by wonderful, caring and educated nurses, PAs, cosmeticians and receptionists who made me feel... READ MORE

57 Yr Old--sculptra and Botox - Spokane, WA

It's been a year an half since I stared my sculptra tx with Dr Chesnut. Over the first year I went in on 3 different occasions. The last six months my face/skin continues to look great. In the beginning it is difficult to notice the slight changes but when I saw the photos in his office I was... READ MORE

First Injection Today...

I'm 40 years old and I've been debating trying Sculptra for a long time. I'm a runner, very active and typically burn thru fillers within 2 months. After going to a few PS and other RN's and not getting good results, and by not good, I mean I looked weird and unnatural! I finally found a... READ MORE

Not Sure Why It Didn't Work - but Spent a Lot of Money :( - Lexington, KY

The office personnel are very nice and make you feel at home. Dr. Turner has a wonderful personality and bedside manner also. Very nice guy. I've had Sculptra before and had absolutely fantastic results - so I wanted to do it again due to volume loss in my lower face. I had no results from... READ MORE

A Better Me - Miami, FL

I've been getting Sculptra treatments annually from Dr. Carlos Wolf for several years. It replaces the fullness in my face lost to aging. I look healthier and more youthful, and most of all, natural. I highly recommend it. It is painless with a local anesthetic and you don't have to worry about... READ MORE

Genius with Sculptra. New York City, NY

I am 56 years old, slender and fit and I had noticed in recent years that my face had a drawn, haggard look and lines from my nose to my mouth that I hated! Let's face it-gravity and a few too many late nights coupled with a stressful career had taken their toll. I went to see Dr. Richard... READ MORE

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