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Sculptra Aesthetic is an FDA-approved injectable that's used to treat mild to severe facial wrinkles. Unlike other injectables that fill wrinkles, Sculptra Aesthetic is made from a poly-L-lactic acid that stimulates the body's natural production of collagen over time. The treatment typically involves three injection sessions over the course of three to four months, and results can last for up to two years. LEARN MORE ›

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Sculptra Butt Lift with Dr. Andre Berger... Detailed Experience Report

Hi realselfers! First a little background… I have had two rounds of Brazilian Butt Lifts with the amazing Dr. Hughes. I am about 1.5 years post op since the last one, and while the shape he gave me was amazing considering how little fat I had to work with, after I lost the weight I’d gained bef... READ MORE

Switched to Sculptra from Radiesse

Initial result swelling looks beautiful but I know it won't last long. The swelling will subside slowly and subtly over the next week and then the gradual results of collagen building will show in 4-8 weeks time. I will post more photos when I'm finished. I have had Radiesse injected four... READ MORE

37 Year Old, Lost Volume in Face After Losing 40 Lbs

I worked really hard to get back into shape. I have my abs back and totally ripped muscles. Went from size 8 to size 0, but with muscles. The problem is, while my body looks 25, my face aged due to weight loss. I had major vertical wrinkles/lines while smiling and felt like I aged myself-... READ MORE

26 Y/o Sculptra Treatment to Help with Lost Volume and Square-ish Face

Ever since my double-jaw surgery August of 2016, I've been mildly upset about my face. My upper and lower jaws were moved forward which pulled a lot of volume from my temples, cheeks, and underneath my eyes (which became hollow). I've previously attempted Volbella for the under hollow eyes... READ MORE

Wedding has been cancelled because of misplaced Sculptra! Dallas, TX

I am 4 months post my first sculptra treatment?however?One vial sculptra makes my jaws ugly and bigger ?my face looks very droopy then. I lose my natrual small heart shape face and also my self-esteem. Dr Vo Hu gave me Sculptra even though I emphasized I don't want to make my face bigger and... READ MORE

Loving Results of Sculptra...So Far. Austin, TX

This year I turned 55 yrs old and decided it was time I did something for me! See my other review on Voluma as well for more details. Had 1 vial of sculptra along jawline in July. Went for follow-up 4 weeks later and had another vial. This time she focused on the mandible and added a bit to... READ MORE

38yo, Aging Drooping Face, with Hollow Under Eyes and Temples - Raleigh, NC

I went to see Mary Shaver at Skin Raleigh for hollowness under my eyes and in the temple region. She administered Botox and 2 rounds of sculptura and I love the result. Mary is the absolute best injector I have ever used and studies your face the way an artist would and my results are natural... READ MORE

Beware of Sculptra! Side Effect That PS May Not Tell You About! Delayed Inflammation!

Let me start out by saying that I had 2 vials of Sculptra (1 vial, 6 weeks apart) 5 years ago at age 41. I had no complications and I loved it. Fast forward to this past December at age 46 , I decided to do 2 more vials because I felt the Sculptra was completely dissipated. I went for my first... READ MORE

46 year old with thin and sagging face.

I'm happy with my result. Dr Pann felt that I needed volume restored to my thin face. She said the placement of the Sculptura at cheeks would lift the skin toward the cheek, thus helping to address the under eye hollows and the nasolabial folds that bothered me. She was right! I was considering... READ MORE

Sculptra to improve facial volume loss

My sculpture application was literally painless. Mary Shaver, RN, BSN, LME used a cannula for application which reduces the amount of injection sites as well as significantly reduces bruising. They also pre-mix the solution days out to reduce the risk of complications. She has expert I and... READ MORE

56 Yr Old 2 Vials (Total) Sculptra for Midface and Temple Volume

My experience with Sculptra has been positive in the long run, but I'm not going forward with additional injections. A few hours after I left my PS, who is an expert injector, I experienced swelling, pain and lumps at most of the injection sites. The pain at these sites was so severe,... READ MORE

First Time I Had a Filler - Portland, OR

This is the first filler I have ever done. I wasn't happy with my face and needed a little something to give it a more youthful look. My face was looking a bit tired every year that I was getting older. I had come to Dr Rajani for Botox and just loved how he took care of my face. When I got to... READ MORE

59 Year Old Want to Look Good on the Beach - Las Vegas, NV

After My Breast Augmentation, I can't stop thinking about butt lift, early Aug I called Dr. K asking for his opinion, He told me a good news that He can help me to fulfil my wish without surgery.With all the trust I had with Dr. K from my last procedure, no second thought for this time. With NO... READ MORE

Sculptra is the Fountain of Youth! - Dallas, TX

Left: 2007 Right: 2016 Being 40 years old and in the beauty industry, the mirror is a constant companion in your life and a reminder that you're getting older. I am not ashamed to tell people my age or to tell them that I have had a little help along the way. Sculptra is the secret! It's not a... READ MORE

Sculptra to Slowly Grow Young - Wilmington, DE

I love Dr. Lonergan! He is very professional and only does a procedure you truly need. He is kind and gentle! He made my experience very pleasant. Fantastic results! Thanks to him and his amazing staff! He spends time carefully explaining your procedure and makes every effort to accommodate... READ MORE

Sculptra Results Davis & Pyle Plastic Surgery, Skin Raleigh. NC

At age 63, I knew I wanted to look refreshed and younger. My face looked tired and aged. I knew Davis & Pyle Plastic Surgery was very reputable from previous visits, a few years ago. I always feel catered to, and comfortable by the staff. The doctors are always available when necessary... READ MORE

A Happy Customer - Worcester, MA

I must be the most memorable, important person that comes to see Dr. Weyler! No wait, I am just always treated that way, and I'm certain that everyone that comes into this practice, is also treated just that way. Dr. Weyler and her kind staff treat everyone that comes thru their door as... READ MORE

Only Use Sculptra if You Fit the Criteria It Was Created For. Anything else - Be Warned and Watch out - Vero Beach, FL

Consumers, please do your homework before deciding. Don't fall for a plastic surgeon office sales pitch. Anyone considering Sculptra should do a serious reality check to decide if this is the right product for your specific problem. It is NOT an instant filler such as done with lips and... READ MORE

Sculptra is an Amazing Filler - Alpharetta, GA

Sculptra is a filler that gives subtle results. Dr. Chapman treated my temple area, cheek area and the marionette lines. The pain was minimal and Dr Chapman explained what she was doing the whole time. I was told to massage the areas five times a day for five days. I can't wait for my third... READ MORE

worth it - 2 sessions. 2 vials per session - Cape Cod, MA

Must list price by vial. I have had 2 sessions. 2 vials per session. so $500 per vial. Supposed to go one more time may be 1 or 2 more vials. I have never had a treatment like this before. No botox etc. Found it to be quite painful but you can get through it. I bruised alot. More the first time.... READ MORE

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