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How Can I Get Rid of Sculptra?

I had two sessions of Sculptra in my lower face over a year ago, and I hate it so much. Is there anything I can do to get rid of it faster? READ MORE

Sculptra Nodules Under Eyes - Looking for Colorado Sculptra Expert

July 2008 I had Sculptra injected under my eyes. Visible nodules developed within 3 weeks, though I massaged as instructed. They are still visible, I... READ MORE

What to Do to Fix Persistent Swelling from Sculptra Placed Along Orbital Rim 1 Year Ago?

I understand Sculptra and its effects, that it is different than other fillers. MD who injected Sculptra is board certified plastic surgeon &... READ MORE

Was Overfilled with Sculptra in Lower Face, How Can I Fix this?

Hello without proper discussion I was injected in the lower face by a reputable doctor with 1 1/2 vials of sculptra diluted 1in12. There was bad... READ MORE

Massage to Get Rid of Sculptra?

Had Sculptra 6month Age Want It Gone.If I Massage Often Will This Help? READ MORE

Sculptra Granuloma Excising

Sculptra was injected under my eyes July 2008. Multiple pea-sized granulomas, very visible, formed right away. The Doctor says "there's nothing I can... READ MORE

Why Can't Too Much Sculptra Be Removed with Liposcution?

My face has too much volume after 3 weeks. It looks puffy and swollen like I had my wisdom teeth pulled or something. I am a 52 year old male READ MORE

Can Sculptra Be Removed?

I had 2 Sculptra treatments and have developed several nodules inside my cheeks. Can these nodules be removed? READ MORE

Sculptra was injected in my mouth 20 months ago by board certified derm creating jowls/hard bumps. What are my options? (Photo)

Could someone recommend a doctor with experience removing sculptra from inside the mouth? I live in Florida, but I will travel anywhere to get the... READ MORE

Sculptra was injected through my mouth and I developed lumps that I can slide around. Will they go away? (photos)

I was injected by a board certified dermatologist/sculptra trainer. Will the lumps go away? Could you recommend a surgeon to remove these lumps... READ MORE

How to remove sculptra filler from lips ?

Few years back I had my bottom lip done for little fullness, didn't ask what was injected in my lip, I noticed my lip wasn't getting any smaller but... READ MORE

Is it possible to get these painful, disfiguring clumps of Sculptra out of my lips? Lower lip is the most painful.

Obviously I know the b.c.p.s. had no knowledge of what he was injecting/implanting. Is there any way to excise. The material is mostly in the lower... READ MORE

Can Sculptra beads be removed 2 years later?

Sculptra was injected under lips though mouth creating jowls. I can now feel soft beads of product that I can slide around. Are there any doctors who... READ MORE

My mother has RA in her 40's, I've got 1 vial of sculptra 5 months ago. Should I get surgery to remove sculptra now?

After reading so many posts here I just got to known that Sculptra could cause immune reaction or disorder to RA patients. But I was not asked whether... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for a Sculptra Granuloma on the Breast about 5mm?

The Sculptra Granuloma is about 5mm on the breast. It is very noticeable and it feels like a firm knot. How can this be treated and removed? Can you... READ MORE

Could you recommend an expert oral surgeon who will remove sculptra nodules through the mouth?

I've had these nodules for almost three years and they swell and are sometimes painful. 1/2 vial of sculptra was injected through the mouth and I am... READ MORE

I had granulomas removed from both lips 3 weeks ago. Could it be scar tissue forming? I am in day 17 since my op.

I was in surgery for over 3 and a half hours....he managed to remove all the lumps but I can't smile and I find it hard to clean my teeth.....will I... READ MORE

Poly l lactic acid removal from breast, would hyaluronic acid do it?

After injection of high amount of poly l lactic acid in breast .. how to remove it from body ??? Is there something like hyalurindase for hyaluronic... READ MORE

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