I just received Sculptra and Voluma. Will the required 5-5-5 massaging of the Sculptra remove the Voluma?

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Massage over Voluma?

Even if you have had Sculptra, I would not recommend massaging over Voluma. You can probably perform the recommended massaging by going around the areas injected with Voluma. Usually, the assistant performs the first massaging session for you immediately after the injections, and shows you how it should be done.

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Sculptra and Facial Massage

Sculptra needs to be massaged five times a day for five minutes for five days - the "rule of five".  However, it will not remove or move the Voluma that was previously injected.

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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Massaging will not remove Voluma but...

The massaging of your face in the areas of Sculptra injection will not remove Voluma but it could displace where the Voluma was injected.  

What I think is the more important question to ask your doctor, who injected you with both Sculptra and Voluma (I'm assuming during the same session based on your question), is why inject the two fillers in the same area, in the same session, as opposed to Sculptra or Voluma in one session and then the other product at a second session.  Sculptra and Voluma are very different fillers.  Sculptra is designed to have your body gradually produce collagen (that's why massaging may be very helpful) whereas Voluma is hyaluronic acid that immediately fills the areas of your face, where injected.  

Since you have both Sculptra and Voluma, I would advise you to massage gently (not deep) where the Sculptra was injected for the 5 days.  I would also advise you, in general, to be careful with having fillers injected into your face.  After all, it is your face and it is easy to get a swollen look from having these fillers injected without the caution that is really needed.  Good luck!

Tae Ho Kim, MD
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