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How to Get Rid of Wax Burn Marks? (photo)

I waxed my upper lip and I got marks I have a trip tomorrow how can I get rid of it?. It looks like I have a moustache, I've been using Soudacream and... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove the Excess Tissue from Lip?

I had stitches removed from my upper lip 16 years ago. Underneath the upper lip there is a lump of tissue that protrudes out from under my lip. Is it... READ MORE

How Can I Remove a Scar from Waxing?

I have waxed my upper lip about a year ago and i went over the same places OVER AND OVER again. it left really ugly scabs and one day they peeled off... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Fix the Scar on the Vermillion Border of my Upper Lip?

I am unhappy with how my upper lip now looks and would like to know what possible treatments there are to fix or remove the scar and approximately how... READ MORE

How to Remove Scar from Wart Removal?

10 years ago, I had gone through removing warts electrically from my lips that produced 2 scars. One on my upper lip which is small on the left side,... READ MORE

How to Remove Dark Spots Caused from Ingrown Hairs from Upper Lip?

Ever since I started shaving I have always gotten ingrown hairs on my face especially on my upper lip. I have tried everything in order to get rid of... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take for my Indented Facial Scar to Heal?

I had skin cancer cut out of my upper lip approx 9 months ago which has left an indented scar running straight down from under my nose to my upper lip... READ MORE

Options For Indented Facial Scar From Dog Bite? (photo)

I have indented red scar above my lip from a dog bite 18years ago would a filler help with the appearance? I would love to cover it atleast w/makeup... READ MORE

How do I get rid or treat my dark shadow on my upper lip? (Photo)

I used to wax my upper lip myself, and ended up ripping off some skin which then caused a scab. Well I picked the scab and now I have dark spots on my... READ MORE

Can Reconstructive Surgery Improve Scar Tissue on Lips?

Four months ago, I tore my upper lip. The emergency doc said, "Lips heal by themselves". My lip did "heal", but there's a thick... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About my Lip Scar That Will Never Heal?

Dear RealSelf, I have a scar in the middle of my uper lip from a road accident 18 years ago. It is red, raised slightly fibrous underneath and filled... READ MORE

Please help me with a cream or a remedy to overcome the dark patch caused by wax on my face. (Photo)

Beautician waxed my upper lip twice and now I'm left with a patch on the left of my mouth which is burning and is turning dark. I have an occasion... READ MORE

Solution for Stiff Facial Scars After Injury?

I was in a bike accident 4 weeks ago and injured my face, jaw, and teeth. Above my upper lip up to my nostril, a nickel sized piece of tissue was... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of These Scar Tissue Bumps on my Scar? (photo)

Hello. I have had a scar from my nose going up to my lip for my whole life. I never had scar tissue build up under it until recently I noticed these... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of the Scar On my Upper Lip?

Can I Reduce the Scar on my Top Lip It's Lumpy and Very Indented my Teeth Went Through It READ MORE

My Six Year Old Has a Scar Above His Upper Lip. How Will It Heal?

The scar is about a month old and is still a little red. About the size of an adults finger nail clipping. A small metal pipe poked into his skin... READ MORE

What Scar Revision Option is Best for Depressed Linear Scarring on Upper Lip?

It's been a month since I have had this depressed linear scar on my upper lip. At first it was from an acne scar, but then I had picked at the... READ MORE

Small Raised Scar Above Lip. Will it Go Away? (photo)

Ten months ago I tripped and scraped my face on the sidewalk. Everything healed well except for a small scar just above my upper lip. It is slightly... READ MORE

Post Opp Swelling in Upper Lip After Scar Tissue Removed, What Can I Do?

I had some remaining amount of lymphatic malformation and older scar tisse removed from inside my upper lip. It's been just over 2 months post opp... READ MORE

Do I Have a Hypertrophic Scar? (photo)

About 3 months ago I had a bike accident and got road rash on my face. The left side of my upper lip was gashed up pretty bad, but i kept it out of... READ MORE

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