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Scar Revision for Under Eye Scar from Accident?

Hello, I had a bike accident in May. I now have two scars now, one from about ten stitches over my eyebrow and one from an avulsion on my cheek that... READ MORE

How to Remove Scar on Face Caused by an Accident? (photo)

I am Rajeev Ranjan. Male, 35 years old. on 19th Jan'2010 I met an accident while driving motorcycle. Got cut on face under right eye. Plastic surgery... READ MORE

How to Remove Indented Scars Left by Stitches?

I had eye bag surgery about 16months ago. Although it looks much better now, but now i have a scar which disturbs me. It is a very fine line, bit... READ MORE

Repair Stitches Scar Below Eye Lid

I Have a Scar Just Under my Eye and Its Because of Stitches I Had Some 10yrs Before...The scar is formed because of stitches on my right eye just... READ MORE

Scarring at the Outer Corner of my Eye. Can It Be Fixed?

I had a lower Bleph skin incision and then sometime later a vein removed from under my eye. The surgeon who removed the vein, cut near the corner of... READ MORE

Can Scarred Under Eye Skin Be Cut Out?

I had a lower blepharoplasty in the past. However, I have skin under the eye that is scarred from burns. I have been told that lasers won't work on... READ MORE

What is the Best Route to Remove This Chicken Pox Scar? (photo)

I was wondering what is my best route to take on this scar to make it less visible. I was thinking maybe punch excision is my best bet? I am tan,... READ MORE

Accidental scar removal? (photo)

I had met with an accident 2 years ago and a scar appeared below my right eye.and also besides my lip.which is the better treatment for this READ MORE

What Can Help a Droopy Eye Caused by a Traumatic Scar Under the Eye Pulling It Down?

My girlfriend was in a car accident and now has a scar from her forehead to her mouth. She has had some plastic surgery, but the doctors told her to... READ MORE

What Can Get Rid of an Indented Scar Left by a Laser in the Delicate Thin Skin Below my Eye?

What Can Get Rid of an Indented Scar Left by a Laser in the Delicate Thin Skin Below my Eye? READ MORE

Will my Scar Ever Fade? (photo)

When I was younger I was in an accident which led to scarring under my left eye until now it has been here and I really wanna get rid of it! Is there... READ MORE

What can to done to to fade or remove the cigarette burn scar under my eye? (Photo)

When I was around 6 or 7 yrs old I accidentally ran into my dad while he was holding his lot cigarette. I was then burned below my bottom eye. I was a... READ MORE

What can be done with scar under my right eye? (photo)

I have a scar under my right eye, the line goes horizontal and joins on to the natural eyeline so it looks like an eye bag. Can anything be done with... READ MORE

How can I remove 3-year old indented scars? One scar runs through my eyebrow and one is under my eye (Photo)

What treatments (surgical/non-surgical) do you recommend? I have been doing microdermabrasion for 3 years and I have been using the derma roller often... READ MORE

I have a stitch mark on my face under my right eye. Can it be removed? (Photo)

I have a stitch mark on my face under my right eye. I tried nederma but didn't work out well, any other medic that can suggested to remove the scar ? READ MORE

Scar Caused by a Cut Under my Eye?

Please help me! two years ago,a heavy box hit the skin under my right eye causing a cut...then over time the scab fell off causing a scar! Is there... READ MORE

I Have Sunken Eyes and a Depressed Surgical Scar Right Under my Eye

Iam 19 yrs old and I have a scar resulting from surgery since I was about 8 yrs old. To begin with I have sunken eyes and under my right eye only, I... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Revise Scars Worsened from Excision and Laser?

I had a board certified plastic surgeon perform excision on old acne cheek scars then three months later use a newer fractional laser on my entire... READ MORE

How to Fix Scar Under Eye in Child?

My little girls had an accident last year. Her toys fell on her face and under right eyes open, but it doesen't bleed too much, at emergency she got... READ MORE

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