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Ideal Stitches Removal Time?

Recently I met an accident and got hurt on my face. I have 5 stitches above my eye and 3 below. Doctor says he will remove them after 10 days. But I... READ MORE

Best Way to Minimize Developing Scar?

My 3-year-old daughter has had her third facial laceration on her left eye, above her eyebrow. The first doctor told us to apply neosporin on the... READ MORE

Needling, Dermabrasion, or Fillers for Scar Under Eyebrow?

I have a "depressed" or "indented" type of scar under my right eyebrow. I'm wondering if the procedure called skin needling would... READ MORE

How to Remove a Stitch Scar on Eyebrow?

I got stiches many years ago above my right eybrow that and the scar runs vertically. The scar seems to have gotten more noticeable as I get older. ... READ MORE

Options to Remove an Eyebrow Piercing Scar?

I've done scar revision for my eyebrow piercing scar using the cut and stitch procedure. However, the scar worsened and became deeper and longer than... READ MORE

Eyebrow Scar Removal and Waxing? (photo)

I recently had an accident and have to have 2 layers of stitches done on my eyebrows (one for the skin and one for the muscle) i got the stitches... READ MORE

Bleaching or Other Products to Heal Scar on Forehead?

I was punched in the top of my head. It was just above the eyebrow. I had to get eight stiches. That was about two months ago. It left a reddish pink... READ MORE

Removing Scar Tissue Under the Eyebrow Skin

I had a car accident a long time ago. I was cut on the eyebrow; the scar tissue under the skin raises my eyelid out of symmetry. Is there cosmetic... READ MORE

Which is the Best Treatment for my 2cm Atrophic Scar?

I have a vertical 2cm trauma atrophic scar over the eyebrow,slightly pigmented. READ MORE

How to remove old stitch marks on face without surgery? (Photo)

How to just remove the stich marks between the eyebrows little up what to do to cure this READ MORE

3-year Old Shingles Scars on Eyebrows. What Are My Options? (photo)

Three years ago I developed shingles around my eye/ eyebrow. At the time, I treated the scabs with Vitamin E oil, etc., but I developed large-ish,... READ MORE

Can Scar Revision Work on Eyebrow Piercing Scar?

The piercing on my eyebrow didn't heal well, so I took it out and let it close. What's left is an indentation about a quarter inch below my eye. Can a... READ MORE

I have a deep eyebrow scar. What treatment would you recommend? And what is the expected outcome? (photos)

Hi, 1 yr ago I accidentally went head first into a metal roadside barrier and had a v. deep cut through my eyebrow, approx 4.5cm long. When I frown or... READ MORE

Scar Removal from Forehead, Eyebrow and Temple? (photo)

I have blade scars on my eye brow and forehead and temple. The scars (of the eyebrow and temple) are visible on the photo. They were put for a... READ MORE

Scar from trauma between eyebrows. What would be best treatment?

This is a traumatic scar between my eyebrows, it is not frown lines. What would be the best treatment? Fillers? Botox? Im a little scared of fillers... READ MORE

My forehead scar and it's stitch marks. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have been to see a Manchester, UK based plastic surgeon who works in the NHS & in the private sector. My issue with my scar predominately is my... READ MORE

Are There Scar Revision Options For Split Eyebrow That Had Stitches?

I was in a car accident 14 years ago and had 14 stitches on my face. My wound healed pretty well and was camouflaged with my eyebrow as I grow older... READ MORE

My Skin Doctor Recommends Cutting the Fibrosis Tissue Under The Scar, is This a Normal Procedure?

I have a white long flat scar above my right eyebrow, it's 3 years old, i got in a car accident! I had some genesis laser done right after the... READ MORE

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