Salicylic Peel Videos

Vitalize Peel for Shrinking Pores and Clearing Acne

Dr. Leif Roger's nurse practitioner uses a SkinMedica Vitalize Peel to treat large pores and acne-prone areas on this man's skin. This peel will help with his concerns and also prep him for microneedling. VIEW NOW

All About Hydroxy Acids

Dr. Alex Eshaghian discusses hydroxyl acids such as glycolic acid and salicylic acid and their benefits to the skin. VIEW NOW

What If I Didn't Peel After a Chemical Peel?

Dr. Alex Eshaghian responds to a common comment after a chemical peel: "I didn't peel." You don't necessary have to peel. VIEW NOW

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ZO 3-Step Peel for Age Spots, Fine Lines, and Improving Skin Texture — Watch Tara's Procedure

Rachel, an aesthetician at Dr. Frank Barone's office demonstrates the procedure for a ZO 3-Step Medical Peel and discusses what the treatment is and what you can expect. VIEW NOW