X-ray + Rhinoplasty

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How is it Possible that Xray Would Show No Fracture When Another Doctor Told Me There Was One?

I was in a car accident on vacation and i banged my face really bad. My nose had a contusion and i was taken the the ER. The xray showed a old nasal... READ MORE

Is It Possible For an Xray of Nose to Show Prior Trauma?

Hi there, I was curious to know if it is possible for me to get an xray taken of my nose and if a doctor is able to see from the results if my nose... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to See a Person's Nasal Cartilage Before Surgery, Such As by X-ray or MRI?

Is There Any Way to See a Person's Nasal Cartilage Before Surgery, Such As by X-ray or MRI? READ MORE

A Small Piece of Metal Discovered in my Nose 2 Years After Rhinoplasty in a Dental Xray. Is This Normal?

I had Rhinoplasty almost 2 years ago today to fix the way my nose curved outwards and wasn't in line with my face. I went to get an X-ray today as I... READ MORE

Why is an X-ray Not Helpful in Post-op Monitoring After Rhinoplasty, to Detect if Bone Has Moved?

I want to know if my bone on bridge has moved or if it is just a bump due to callus/ swelling. can an xray not tell me this? why doesnt any doctor... READ MORE

I hit my nose on saturday and got an xray. It causes me headaches and pain. Should I see another doctor? Can it be fixed?(photo)

I broke my nose saturday. Saw a doctor monday. Got an xray Tuesday. Saw an ent wednesday, who told me to wait and get it cosmetically fixed later. It... READ MORE

Nose implant deviated. Can I take an x-ray? (Photo)

Can I take x-Ray on nose implant . About nose deviated or what . I just surgery about 1 month READ MORE

Can I get an x-ray before Rhinoplasty?

I need to get an X-RAY on my knee and i have my rhinoplasty in 3 weeks, im just wondering if the radiation will affect my surgery? Even if i were to... READ MORE

X-ray came back negative after hit to nose but bone bump has formed. Do I need second opinion re: x-ray or is this common?

I was elbowed on the bridge of my nose and suffered a cut. The initial exam by a doctor indicated there was no fracture which an x-ray confirmed a... READ MORE

does insurance cover rhinoplasty to restore my nose shape ? a guy attacked me and i have report from police .

Hi doctors three months ago some guy attacked me and punched me several times on my face causing my nose to break and i cant breath normaly , xrays... READ MORE

Bulbous tip varying in size quite a lot on a daily basis - a candidate for surgery?

The bulbous tip of my nose is overprojected most of the time, but can just all of a sudden deflate to an OK width which takes under half an hour to... READ MORE

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