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How is it Possible that Xray Would Show No Fracture When Another Doctor Told Me There Was One?

I was in a car accident on vacation and i banged my face really bad. My nose had a contusion and i was taken the the ER. The xray showed a old nasal... READ MORE

Is It Possible For an Xray of Nose to Show Prior Trauma?

Hi there, I was curious to know if it is possible for me to get an xray taken of my nose and if a doctor is able to see from the results if my nose... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to See a Person's Nasal Cartilage Before Surgery, Such As by X-ray or MRI?

Is There Any Way to See a Person's Nasal Cartilage Before Surgery, Such As by X-ray or MRI? READ MORE

A Small Piece of Metal Discovered in my Nose 2 Years After Rhinoplasty in a Dental Xray. Is This Normal?

I had Rhinoplasty almost 2 years ago today to fix the way my nose curved outwards and wasn't in line with my face. I went to get an X-ray today as I... READ MORE

Why is an X-ray Not Helpful in Post-op Monitoring After Rhinoplasty, to Detect if Bone Has Moved?

I want to know if my bone on bridge has moved or if it is just a bump due to callus/ swelling. can an xray not tell me this? why doesnt any doctor... READ MORE

I hit my nose on saturday and got an xray. It causes me headaches and pain. Should I see another doctor? Can it be fixed?(photo)

I broke my nose saturday. Saw a doctor monday. Got an xray Tuesday. Saw an ent wednesday, who told me to wait and get it cosmetically fixed later. It... READ MORE

Nose implant deviated. Can I take an x-ray? (Photo)

Can I take x-Ray on nose implant . About nose deviated or what . I just surgery about 1 month READ MORE

Can I get an x-ray before Rhinoplasty?

I need to get an X-RAY on my knee and i have my rhinoplasty in 3 weeks, im just wondering if the radiation will affect my surgery? Even if i were to... READ MORE

X-ray came back negative after hit to nose but bone bump has formed. Do I need second opinion re: x-ray or is this common?

I was elbowed on the bridge of my nose and suffered a cut. The initial exam by a doctor indicated there was no fracture which an x-ray confirmed a... READ MORE

Cartillage "eaten away" post tip rhinoplasty

Hello, I had a tip deviation correction in a foreign ( to me) country, Korea, and upon return I developed one month later an infection. It is now 6... READ MORE

does insurance cover rhinoplasty to restore my nose shape ? a guy attacked me and i have report from police .

Hi doctors three months ago some guy attacked me and punched me several times on my face causing my nose to break and i cant breath normaly , xrays... READ MORE

Will k-wire or titanium used in rhinoplasty show up on an x-ray?

Had crooked medpor nasal implant removed. Whatever was used to affix the implant is still there. I can physically feel some sort of k-wire or metal in... READ MORE

My nose bone is in S shape so I always suffer through cold and not able to breath properly? (Photos)

My nose bone is in S shape little slide from left and more from right side. so i always asuffer through cold and not able to breath poperly. please... READ MORE

Bent nose while playing football. Got hit by elbow. No fracture in x ray. (photo)

I have a bent nose condition while playing football since i got hit by elbow by another player. Incident happened today. I consulted a doctor, and got... READ MORE

Nose job: Does your nose grow as you get taller?

I got an x-ray of my knee and the growth plates are closed but the ones in the wrist are still open. I thought the knee x-ray closes last. I checked... READ MORE

How would a plastic surgeon go about fixing this? (Photos)

I was born with a bump on the side of my nose. When I was 13 my mother was worried and we had it ex-rayed. The test read that it was an extra bone or... READ MORE

Is it too late for a doctor to diagnose if my nose is fractured or hurt?

I got punched in the nose approximately two weeks ago. There was no bleeding or bruising (there might be a minor bruising but I didn't notice... READ MORE

Is it bad that the tip of my nose is numb and sometimes tingly after hard hit to nose? (Photos)

My dogs head hit my nose. My boyfriend said he heard a cracking/ popping noise. It immediately started bleeding horribly so I went to the er. The... READ MORE

Do I need to take x-rays before the surgery?

I have orbital rim implants & want to get rhino to make my nose narrower, break nasal bones and bring them closer together what if the implants... READ MORE

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