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Hard, White Bumps Inside of Nose After Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty a week ago, and noticed a couple days ago that I had a white string in the inside of my nostril. I realized that it was a stitch,... READ MORE

White Thing Inside my Nose 1 Week Post-op - Scarring?

I had closed rhinoplasty 1 week ago & after the cast was removed I noticed something inside my nose. ah i don't know how to describe it, its... READ MORE

Bulbous Tip and Weird White Cartilage? Sticking out of my Nose 5 Days After Rhinoplasty (photo)

Hello Everybody I just had Rhinoplasty Last Wednesday 1st of August and would like to know even though im still swollen and inflamated , I would like... READ MORE

Is it normal to have white/yellow-ish puss around my nose stitches from Rhinoplasty? Under dried blood. (photos)

Sugery was on June 17 2015 I'm supposed to go see the doctor this Wednesday June 24th, I'm concerned because he didn't tell or give me any antibiotics... READ MORE

Why does the tip of my nose and upper lip go white after I work out really hard? (photos)

When my heart rate is really high for longer periods of time (the picture is 15 minutes after a 5km run so the extreme white in the tip has gone isn't... READ MORE

3 weeks post op of open Rhinoplasty, I have a white bump where stitches were. Should I be worried?

I had open rhinoplasty about three weeks ago. The dissolveable stiches where very long so I decided to cut them to make them shorter. I accidently... READ MORE

I have a little white bump inside my right nostril and it is hard. Is this something to be concerned about?

I am 10 days post rhinoplasty now and I am very happy with my nose. I have removed the cast and have to hold some white stuff above it for a few more... READ MORE

Small White string on my left nostril sticking out, what could it be? 1 week post-op (Photo)

Hi I just had my op last week!! Yesterdey the nurse took my cast off. My nose is still blocked but i saw a whitish string sticking out my left nostril... READ MORE

Tip Pigmentation 3 Years After Rhinoplasty?

Hello about three years ago I had a rhinoplasty done to remove a bump on my nose and to correct a breathing issue. All went well and I was happy with... READ MORE

What is that white thing sticking out and what should I do? (Photo)

Had a nose job 9 months ago, all was well after a month this started to appear (white pimple looking thing) is not a pimple feels hard infact hard... READ MORE

7 Weeks Post Open Rhinoplasty - White Lump on Bridge? (Photo)

Recently in the last few days (week 7) a strange white bump has appeared when i gently press down on my nose (see picture). I am not able to see my... READ MORE

Cartilage showing very white tip. Happy with dr and nose but not cartilage show and want as many experts to weigh in. (photos)

7 mo post op, thin skin before surgery and now cartilage shows even more through the tip. No grafts were placed in my nose, tip just shaved down. My... READ MORE

Should I be worried about my columella scar? Half of it looks like a white line. Is this common? (Photo)

I had open rhinoplasty done 3 weeks ago. Half of my columella scar has healed nicely while the other half looks like a whiter line. Is this common?... READ MORE

What is this thing coming out of the septum? (photos)

Got a septorhino in October, everything has been "ok" just yesterday I noticed a white thing, very hard coming out of the incision of my open rhino. I... READ MORE

White patch on nose wing after open Rhinoplasty. Any suggestions?

Hello ; I am 5 weeks into my rhinoplasty and its a difficult process I must admit . Lets call it a roller coaster. One of the issues I have is a white... READ MORE

I wore sunglasses 2 days after my Rhinoplasty. Could the sunglasses cause the small white bump on the top of my nose bridge?

My nose looked perfect after I had the bandage removed but now I noticed the small white bump at the top of my nose bridge made my nose look crooked.... READ MORE

Weird white strands coming from rhinoplasty incision? (Photo)

I had my rhinoplasty done exactly 3 weeks ago, cast and stitches were removed after a week, a few days ago I noticed some white hard strand coming... READ MORE

White pointed tissue on the inside of outer wall of nose. Can it be a cyst or the graft? 6 weeks after SRP (Photo)

My plastic surgeon cannot see deep inside my nose,he doesn't have instrumentsI ,i only see it because I take time to clean it,he doesn't. is it... READ MORE

Why do White line and bone separation thur my nose (photo)

Hello I got an rhinoplasty/ deviate septum surgrey 2 years ago for the 1st year and a half my nose was fine and looked good in the past 3-6 months... READ MORE

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