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Does touching your nose make it bigger over time?

Does everyday activity such as; touching, picking, washing, rubbing, itching, or bumping make your nose grow? Can it alter the bridge of your nose or... READ MORE

Can Blowing Your Nose Constantly, Touching and Pushing It Stretch Your Nostrils?

I had a tough cold lately and I was constantly blowing my nose and touching-pushing it just to make sure it was clear.I was also cleaning the inside... READ MORE

Will Touching My Nose After Rhinoplasty Cause Damage?

Its been 1 week (i still have the splint on though) and I can breathe pretty normally (the bruising is almost 100% gone as well). However, I'm a... READ MORE

Touching Nose After Cast Removal? Is that Safe?

I had a rhinoplasty over a week a go to straighten out my nose (deviation) elongate with ear graft and refine the tip area. After the cast came off I... READ MORE

I've Been Touching Nose After Rhinoplasty, Will I Damage My Results?

I've been touching my nose A LOT after rhinoplasty and accidently hit my nose twice. After reading how bad touching it is after rhinoplasty I am... READ MORE

Will Touching my Nose and Nostrils After Rhinoplasty Affect my Final Results?

I had rhinoplasty to correct nostril size and a bump on the bridge of my nose 2 weeks ago. I didnt have any grafts. I have been touching my nose often... READ MORE

Question About Touching Nose Post Rhinoplasty

I was touching my nose ( ive only done this like 5 times since my surgergy) and i accidentally pushed down a little hard on the tip and felt a minor... READ MORE

Question About Touching Nose Post-rhinoplasty

Can i touch my nose 7 months post op rhinoplasty, also i was wondering is it normal if one side of my nose tip feels soft and the other side feels... READ MORE

Does Blowing and Touching Nose Change Shape/make the Nose Wider Than Before?

A month ago i had a severe cold and would constantly blow, touch, squeeze my nose almost every minute. after the cold resided i noticed that my nose... READ MORE

Have I Stretched the Skin of my Tip by Playing with It Too Much After a Rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty four months ago and was initially extremely happy with the result. Since then, it seems as though the tip has become more bulbous.... READ MORE

Is it normal for incision stitches to hurt when I touch it?

I had rhinoplasty four days ago and I am using the anti bactereal cream on my incision stitches and around my nostrils. When I try to clean my nose... READ MORE

Touching my Nose 10 Months Post Op?

I absolutely love my nose. I can breathe better and it suits my face. However I'm always worried that I'll somehow ruin the results. Everyday, maybe... READ MORE

I had my Rhinoplasty 16 days ago - Concerned about excessive touching it.

I had my rhinoplasty 16 days ago. I had my bump shaved down, put in a silicone implant, and reshaped my tip with cartilage. Today I noticed that the... READ MORE

Crying/touching cast day after rhinoplasty and septoplasty, damage?

A family event caused me to cry for a minute the day after my surgery. I instinctively reached to touch my nose to wipe away and touched my cast. Will... READ MORE

Kenalog injections post-rhinoplasty: how long until they work?

I had my rhinoplasty 7 months ago and 4 days ago i had 2 shots of kenalog, one on the left side of my nose and one on the tip to reduce the swelling... READ MORE

My daughter just had surgery on her sinuses, deviated septum and plastic surgery on her nose.

Her surgeon told her not to sniff up, not to touch her nose at all. Her surgery was last Wednesday, 8 days out now. She will not quit touching her... READ MORE

My implant swelling up after I touch and massage (Photo)

I just have a nose bridge implant silicon and ear catilage on nose tip. day 18 i then touch and massage a litle along the 2 sides of my nose bridge... READ MORE

After a rhinoplasty, will your nose keep that shape no matter what?

I was curious because I had a rhinoplasty and I usually touch the tip of my nose quite a lot. Will this change my complete results? It's been 3 months... READ MORE

My tip goes downward 6 weeks post op. Could it be because I kept touching it?

I had a septorhinoplasty 6 weekw ago and it appears that my tip of my nose the part rite above my upper lip dropped down a bit I have no idea why, but... READ MORE

5 yrs post op, doctor added cartilage to my nose tip. My nose still have edema & swollen when I touch. Is this normal? (photos)

I had got rhinoplasty operation by my nose 5 years ago.Doctor said that he made added caritlage to my nose tip which is between my eyes by my own... READ MORE

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