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Nose to Small for my Face After Rhinoplasty! What Are My Options?

I had rhinoplasty a year and half ago and it has completely turned out a nightmare it does not go with my features as it is too small although I asked... READ MORE

Can this rhinoplasty be reversed? (Photo)

The doctor changed my entire face I am traumatized. Can someone please help me?! My nose is like a stick. Way too small for my face and he made it... READ MORE

My First Surgery May Have Left my Nose too Small, Options? (photo)

I was pretty young when I got my first surgery because my nose had been broken and I had a large nasal hump and trouble breathing. I was not yet 18... READ MORE

Can Revision Help Me? my Nose is Ruined! Too Small, Crooked,wide, Uneven Nostrils. Looks Piggish and Crooked? (photo)

My nose was really nice., but my girlfriend married a plastic surgeon who will remain nameless! he said he didn't like my nose and could straighten it... READ MORE

My Nose Tip Too Small After Surgery?

I had surgery 4 months ago, and my tip seems too small. It looks out of portion with the rest of my face from the side profile. Is it possible to... READ MORE

Is There Anyway to Get Your Nose Back to the Way It Was Before a Tip Plasty? (photo)

I had surgery February I had surgery to correct my bulbous nose tip. It was overly big, but I over analysed it and had surgery. Even the day of... READ MORE

Ethnic Nose too Short After Rhino, Will The Shape Keep Changing?

I recently had rhinoplasty on a middle eastern nose. My surgeon and I agreed to preserve ethnicity while making some changes. We agreed on reducing... READ MORE

Over Done Nose? (photo)

I finally plucked up the courage to have a open Rhinoplasty had it on June 23rd of this year but it looks over done a hump was removed and the tip... READ MORE

Is It Possible That the Swelling from my Rhinoplasty is Making It Look Too Small? (photo)

As most rhinoplasty patients here, I'm not worried about my nose being too big from the swelling. I have the opposite problem. I had my rhinoplasty... READ MORE

My nose looked frighteningly narrow, unnatural, and "overdone" immediately after splint removal. Reason to worry?

My nose looked frighteningly narrow, unnatural, and "overdone" immediately after splint removal. I was immediately shocked, displeased and anxious and... READ MORE

Is my nose over resected/or botched? I feel like it may be too small from the side profile (Photo)

I wanted my nose straighten with a very slight curve to it, just the slighest. But from the side I feel like it may be over resected or to small and... READ MORE

Nose too small. Can it be back or rebuilt again? (Photo)

On June 18th i will finish 3 months after open rhinoplasty,I honestly feel that doctors keep calming me down that am still recovering , BUT ! the nose... READ MORE

I'm Not Happy with my Nose Job. Can I Reconstruct It?

Hi! I did a nose job in Sweden 2 years ago. But It's too small, too short and he lowered the nose a good bit. But afterwards, I see that the nose... READ MORE

My nose job is horrible. It's too small and thin. What can I do to fix it? (Photo)

I've had septoplasty, turbinates fixed and the outside was cut to make thinner. The tip was reshaped. I am only 10 days post op but my African... READ MORE

Nose too small and thin now. Can my nose be made wider again? Can these problems be fixed?

I had a rhino this year and I'm really unhappy with the results. I have a long face and my new nose it too narrow, the bridge is too low and tip too... READ MORE

How Thick is Temporalis Fascia?

I was very happy with my nose for about 2 months after primary. Then swelling subsided and I found it too small and thin. My plan is to slightly... READ MORE

Is my nose too short/small? (Photo)

I've waited for years to have my long nose shortened. I wanted a subtle change and feel it's so drastic. I'm so worried it's too anal for my face. I... READ MORE

Base of nose made too small, could this appear this way because of swelling? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty 4 weeks ago, I had my tip slightly narrowed and my dorsal width reduced. I was told my nostrils would have to be slightly altered... READ MORE

My nose tip is very small after rhinoplasty. How to enlarge?

I had a normal tip prior but my surgeon decreased it by doing an alar base reduction 2 mm (on each side?), dome suture, cephalic trimming to 6 mm, and... READ MORE

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