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How Long Can It Take for Sutures to Dissolve After Rhinoplasty?

It has been 18 days after my surgery and I can still see the stitches in my nose and right breast. How long will it take for them to dissolve? READ MORE

What is This Bump Inside my Nostril After Closed Rhinoplasty?

I had a closed rhinoplasty about a month ago. My surgeon used absorbable sutures. There is a red bump inside my left nostril which looks similar to a... READ MORE

Should the Cast and Stitches from an Open Rhinoplasty Be Removed Within 7 Days to Avoid Scarring?

It's been four days since having my primary open rhinoplasty. I would like to know when stitches and sutures need to be removed by, to prevent... READ MORE

Popped Suture 12 Days After Rhinoplasty

Do I have to worry about a popped suture in my nose a 12 days after my rhinoplasty? I AM SUPER SCARED!! I underwent rhinoplasty 12 days ago (May 28)... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Sutures Are Bleeding After Cleaning

I just got rhinoplasty 5 days ago and Ive been reading online about cleaning the nose with Q tips.. Unfortunately, I think I may have damaged my nose.... READ MORE

When Will the Mucuous Crust Attached to Internal Sutures Come off After Septorhinoplasty?

I have undergone my septo rhinoplasty about 3 weeks ago.Internal sutures are dissolved or fallen off on their own. I still have lot of mucuous crust... READ MORE

What Do I Do if the Surgeon Accidentally Left Sutures in my Nose After Rhinoplasty?

I had alarplasty 3 month ago. Today while looking in the mirror I discovered that the nurse had left 2 sutures on the sides of my nose. I'm really... READ MORE

Infection After Suture Removal? (photo)

1 month post op and had a suture removed. That night my nose felt funny began running and sneezing. The following day was swelling and my nose felt... READ MORE

Do I have a tension nose? Should I be scared of Prolene sutures placed permanently inside my nose? (Photo)

Do I have a tension nose? What would you do (and what techniques would you use) if YOU were my surgeon? I would like to slightly remove the hump on my... READ MORE

Is Nine Days Too Late to Remove Sutures Under the Tip of Your Nose After Open Rhinoplasty?

When is it optimal to remove them in order to achieve the aesthetically best result? Thank you for taking your time! READ MORE

When to Remove Alar Base Stiches?

When is the correct time to remove alar base stiches? It seems to vary between 3 to 9 days. Will a long space of time before removal not leave stich... READ MORE


I have just had an alarplasty procedure done yesterday, in Thailand and the results so far look ok, but the the surgeon used soluble sutures. I have... READ MORE

Bad Smell from Left over Suture in Nose, When Will This Go Away?

I read that some patients get "bad smells" coming from their nostrils when not all the sutures in the nose is removed/dissolved even years after their... READ MORE

What if I Accidently Pulled a Suture and Now the Inside of my Nose is Swollen and Tender Where It Was Pulled?

What if I Accidently Pulled a Suture and Now the Inside of my Nose is Swollen and Tender Where It Was Pulled? READ MORE

The tip of my nose is square and I was wondering if suture reshaping would give it a triangular shape? (Photo)

I would like my nose tip to have a more triangular shape instead of this square/bulbous tip. I do not want a full rhinoplasty and was wondering what... READ MORE

Alar Base Cinch Suture?

Is it possible to remove the alar base cinch suture? When I smile, the sutures are preventing my nose from widening. It looks unnatural. I had an open... READ MORE

Infected suture after Rhinoplasty. (photo)

The item circled in red is a suture protruding from the left side of my nose. The area is red, tender and painful to the touch. It's a very sharp,... READ MORE

Can a nose tip be lifted with barbed thread ?

I would like more rotation of my nose tip, I dont think that I should go for another rinoplasty just for that, but if threads (barbed or serdev... READ MORE

Just noticed exposed cartilage inside nose next to septum after septoplasty/rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago

It's located about 1/4 inch or so inside of my nose, next to the septum. Some dissolvable sutures did come out, but I can feel that there's more... READ MORE

Can Sutures in the Nasal Tip Be Reversed or Altered?

I had Rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago to remove my dorsal hump & also have my bulbous tip refined. My nostrils were very visible before surgery and I... READ MORE

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