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At What Point is Sun Exposure After Rhinoplasty No Longer a Concern?

I had my rhinoplasty revision 5 weeks ago and have been wearing sunblock (spf 100) on my nose almost always when I go out during the daytime. At what... READ MORE

How Long After Rhinoplasty Do I Have to Wait Before Going in the Sun?

I had my rhinoplasty surgery done a month ago, and I was wondering when can I go back to the beach? READ MORE

Following an Open Rhinoplasty, is It Acceptable to Be Exposed to Direct Sunlight for 5 Hours After 2 Weeks?

I had an open rhinoplasty two days ago. My job consists of being outside for 5 hours or more with no shade and I'm concerned my two week vacation... READ MORE

Could Sun Exposure Be Causing Swelling over 3 Months After Rhinoplasty?

I started a new job 3 weeks ago and am on a bus for a 45 minute commute each way. I don't feel the sun shining on my face and it is often cloudy... READ MORE

Gym, Humidity, Heat and Sun Bad for Healing Process? (Post-rhinoplasty)

Montreal is experiencing a very humid summer. The tip of my nose seems to shrink in air-conditioning and expand in humidity. After reading a few... READ MORE

Why Does Bridge of my Nose Swell when Sun Hits It (10mo Post Op)?

The bridge of my nose is super sensitive to the sun(especially the sun through glass while in car). I am 10mos. post op. I had extensive graft work.... READ MORE

Is It Bad if 5 Weeks After Rhinoplasty my Nose Was Exposed to the Sun Throughout the Day?

I was in school and was outside a lot. i did put sunscreen on, but that was in the morning. i was in the sun alot when i was walking to classes at my... READ MORE

Can I Sunbathe Two Months After a Closed Rhinoplasty? The Swelling Appears to Have Gone?

I love my new nose, and have been sunbathing for the last three days as i am on summer holiday. However i am concerned that i am going to ruin my nose... READ MORE

How Can I Protect my Nose from the Sun After Rhinoplasty?

I had nose surgery 10 days ago. I know I must keep out of the sun and I don't plan on going to the beach and sunbathing. However, I live in Turkey and... READ MORE

I Am Going on a Vacation in Hawaii After One Month Post Op Rhinoplasty. Will This Be Ok?

It's my summer vacation and one month of being inside the house is killing me. I know I must avoid the sun. If I go to hawaii and sit on the beach... READ MORE

Can I Go out Two Weeks Post-op During Summer?

I will have my surgery June 1st, and there is a music festival I have to attend on June 21st... My surgery will be tip work (lifting) and slightly... READ MORE

Sun Exposure from Windows Post Rhinoplasty?

I just moved to a new apartment and my bed is near a window. Even with the blinds closed, a little bit of light comes in. My nose has been looking... READ MORE

If Sun Exposure After Rhinoplasty is Bad for the Healing Process, is It Okay to Wear a Visors?

And sunscreen at all times for the first month and be in the shade as much as possible? is that enough? can i feel secure that i am doing enough? or... READ MORE

Sun tanning after open rhinoplasty?

I wanted to know when would sun tanning be okay after having an open rhinoplasty. I had my surgery about 3 weeks ago. READ MORE

Im Leaving to Hawaii About One Month After Rhyniplasty is It Safe to Be Expose to the Sun?

Im leaving a month after my rhyniplasty to hawaii during july, is the sun exposured going to damage my nose completely, what should i do? READ MORE

Vacationing After Rhinoplasty?

Im going on vacation to Florida in a little while and Im about 1 month post op. I wanted to double check that itll be safe to go onto rides, and will... READ MORE

I Plan on Getting a Nose Job This Summer. I Am a Lifeguard. Will the Sun Exposure Be an Issue?

I'm a lifeguard over the summer. I wear heavy sunblock (50+) and there are umbrellas in our chairs. I plan on returning to work 3-5 days following the... READ MORE

8 Weeks Post Rhinoplasty Was in the Sun for 40 Minutes Without a Hat, Did I Ruin Results?

I am 8 weeks Post Rhinoplasty and Nasal Graft Surgery, today I was in the sun for roughly 40 minutes swimming and enjoying the day. I applied 30 spf... READ MORE

Did I Affect the Final Result of my Rhinoplasy During One Week of Smoking and Sun Exposure 11 Days Post Op?

The day of my cast removal my nose looked small, however the day after when i traveled i started to smoke and i had sun exposure every day in the... READ MORE

Extreme sun and heat 2 months post op? Could I have done permanent damage? My nose is now painful and swollen.

I am 2 months post op rhinoplasty and unexpectedly had to do a work project outside. I had no choice. I was in direct sun for 6 hrs with no hat and... READ MORE

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