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Is Light Sniffling and Nose Breathing OK 1 Day Post Op?

Hello, I am one day post op and was wondering if light sniffling and breathing out of my nose is ok to do? I am breathing out of my mouth as much as I... READ MORE

Sniffing Hard After Rhinoplasty, Sometimes So Hard It Sounds Like a Snort, Will This Have Long Term Effect?

I am very concerned as I have been sniffing tremendously and forcefully after my rhinoplasty/septoplasty and nasal graft surgery to correct a... READ MORE

Sniffing Harm Rhinoplasty?

One month ago I had a Rhinoplasty with a nasal graft to help me with breathing issues I was having. I am still very congested or maybe I just have a... READ MORE

Will Sniffing Right After a Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty and Nasal Graft Surgery Create Nasal Valve Collapse?

I got the Rhinoplasty to improve my Nasal Valve Collapse, but yet I am still collapsing sometimes upon inspiration, especially when I work out and I... READ MORE

My daughter just had surgery on her sinuses, deviated septum and plastic surgery on her nose.

Her surgeon told her not to sniff up, not to touch her nose at all. Her surgery was last Wednesday, 8 days out now. She will not quit touching her... READ MORE

I Had a Rhinoplasty a Few Days Ago, As Well As Graft Work Done. Will Sniffing with my Stuffy Nose Be a Bad Idea?

I had this surgery in order to fix some nasal valve collapse I was having. I still have my cast on and I am cleaning my nose with a q tip every day.... READ MORE

I Sniffled by Accident Same Night of Rhinoplasty.. Should I See my Dr?

I just had a rhinoplasty and the same night while sleeping I sniffled (opposite of blow my nose) really hard involuntarily.. I woke up right away from... READ MORE

Will sniffing after rhinoplasty ruin my results?

Am I in trouble I just on autopilot sniffed really hard is that going to ruin my results READ MORE

Bone/cartilage came out in my mucus cough after Rhinoplasty 2 months ago. Any suggestions?

Hi today I sniffed my nose and hocked up the phlegm as I've had a very blocked/ runny nose after rhino and septo with turbinates surgery 2 months ago.... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty-nose got more swollen?

5 weeks post op. at 3 weeks a lot of my swelling had went down and it seemed like my nose was reaching a pleasant shape and size. however , over the... READ MORE

Sniffling after rhinoplasty?

Four weeks post op. i still have congestion here and there. what are some ways to help clear this up? also, is sniffling a lot going to cause more... READ MORE

Constant clogged nose solution.

Nose is always clogged 24 hours a day never clear and always sniffling and blowing nose. Hard time sleeping cause airway is closed. READ MORE

Rhinoplasty stitches.

1.5 weeks post rhinoplasty i tried to sniffle , the kind where you subconsciously close one nostril by moving you mouth to the side. i had pain on the... READ MORE

When using a saline nasal spray do you breathe it in or do you squirt in a few drops after a nose job?

When using a saline nasal spray do you breathe it in or do you squirt in a few drops after a nose job ? I am not clear on how to use the spray knowing... READ MORE

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