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Will rhinoplasty fix how my nose sticks out too far? (photo)

My nose makes my face look bad especially from the side. Can rhinoplasty fix it? READ MORE

Why is my face ugly from the side? And how can I fix it? (photos)

My face looks nice fron the front, but my face from the side looks really ugly. Is there a problem with my nose, or with what? READ MORE

Nose too straight after Rhinoplasty looks weird but only from side angle (I really love it from any other angle. (photo)

Just got a rhinoplasty last Monday. Had my cast taken off today so my nose just may still be pretty swollen. I am happy with it other than the fact my... READ MORE

Can my Bulbous nose be reduced?(photo att)

Hi, I live in Australia and Im am considering traveling to the states for my surgery, as it seems the experience in American surgeons is far greater.... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Improve the Shape of my Nose. Need Opinions? (photo)

I'm looking to have a septorhinoplasty (breathing problems) The reason I want to change the shape of my nose is because I hate the side view, I... READ MORE

I'm kinda good looking guy, but when people and I look at my side of face I see an uglier version of me (Photo)

I'm not happy,I will post a picture,please I need advice what should I do to change this? Rhinoplasty,cheek augmentation,jaw augmentation,and yes I... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty: is it possible to slope my nose? (Photo)

I don't like my side profile. The bridge of my nose is too high I'm very self conscious abt it. I want more of a slope to my nose and skinny tip... READ MORE

Does changing your side profile noticably change how your nose looks from the front? (Photo)

The question says it all- Does changing your side profile noticably change how your nose looks from the front? If my nose gets any thinner it'll look... READ MORE

Is my nose over resected/or botched? I feel like it may be too small from the side profile (Photo)

I wanted my nose straighten with a very slight curve to it, just the slighest. But from the side I feel like it may be over resected or to small and... READ MORE

I Am a Laser Cosmetic Therapist. I Need to Wear Goggles for Work, but After Rhinoplasty?

Hello, I plan to have rhinoplasty to shave the hump on the bridge of my nose, and I'm only allowed to take 2 weeks recovery time off. I am a Laser... READ MORE

I would Like to improve my side profile - have considered a nose Job And Not sure how/if it can be corrected? (photo)

My eyes turn upward, I have a large nose, and high set ears. I tend to look down and im not sure if that is an anatomical issue or just a bad habit or... READ MORE

Cartilage in Nostril. What Happened? Why is my Tip So Big and Droops? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty many years ago and I'm not happy with the results. I have a piece of cartilage in my nostril that is visible if I bend it back, I... READ MORE

Can Swelling on One Side of Nose Cause Opposite Side to Look Larger at an Angle?

After rhinoplasty, my nose looks good, but on the tip on the left side there is quite a lot of swelling and really not as much on the right. I was... READ MORE

I want to get rhinoplasty but I'm scared. What if it gets worse?

I have an assymetric nose, I have a hump on one side, the other side is perfect for me. That hump is visible from the right views. I like my nose in... READ MORE

Is alar base reduction a good choice? (photo)

I'm interested in getting an alar base reduction. I'm not worried about my side profile. I really just don't like the width of my nostrils from the... READ MORE

What can I have done to my side profile to help me look "normal"?

From the front, I look normal besides a little chubbiness in the cheeks even though I am not chubby at all. From the side profile I have no self... READ MORE

High radix/bridge after rhinoplasty. Unhappy with side profile. Will it change in time? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty three weeks ago to correct a hump on my nose. I am happy with the front view of my face but my nose now looks really weird from the... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty before and after photos. Why are so many only from a side view and not from the front?

It seems like many before and after rhinoplasty images are from the side only. I have a small hump, but that doesn't bother me. My concern is fullness... READ MORE

Can I just get the bump removed? (photos)

Hi. I have a small bump on my nose that always made me feel self conscious. I like the front view but not my side profile. Is there anyway to have... READ MORE

Wasn't happy with my rhinoplasty as soon as the cast came off, 3 weeks down the line still not satisfied. Any suggestions?

Just under 3 weeks ago I had open rhinoplasty. The bones where broken, tip refined and hump 'removed' as soon as my cast came off I was horrified, my... READ MORE

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